2020 Travelling – even after covid restrictions

My 2020 started full of dreams and hopes. A lot of planning was put into where to travel, what different cultures I would like to get to know better, what kind of local food I would be keen on trying. All the effort, to realise it was a waist of time, covid-19 was here to stay. My travelling plans changed of course, but I still managed to travel to some beautiful destinations in Europe, after covid-19 happened. Besides wanting to share with you those moments through pictures, let me show you first my intercontinental trip to Florida in January, before…

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International recipes worth trying

Since lockdown started, I have been trying to fill my time with different hobbies and one of my favourites is trying recipes with my boyfriend. Treating the kitchen as a science lab when you want to be creative, it sets your spirit free and suddenly boredom is gone. To make it more challenging, my boyfriend and I decided to try different international recipes, that before we would only dare to try it in a restaurant, not cooking it, but at the end has been a funny and tasty adventure. In case, you want to explore your cooking talents and expand…

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