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Summer Body

In summer season you see more people going gym and starting a diet regime, but is that really necessary to change your body into a summer body? I have learned that consistency and understanding your body is key to a fit body, all year. Keep reading to understand how simple changes, can make a difference in achieving a fit summer body, rather than going gym or starving for a diet.

Vegan Protein

Diet and exercise are the main factors to keep your body fit, but taking protein as a supplement can give you a little push to reach the fit levels you desire faster. After a work out replacing your energy levels with a vegan protein shake, will avoid the tiredness you might feel afterwards. Vegan protein is a healthy way to energize your body after a session of fitness and invigorate your muscles. I have two different sources of vegan protein that help my body to be fit in summer: one comes in a package of one kilo, from The Protein Works, perfect for everyday and another that comes in a small package of thirty grams, from Foodspring, perfect for when I travel.

Santa Teresa Activewear

I have always been fascinated by Brazilian Fashion. As Portuguese, when you watch Brazilian TV series, you end up admiring their fine taste for fashion. The colours, fabrics and design always highlight the best of a woman’s body, either you are slim or curvy. The fact their fashion embrace and celebrate femininity, led them to be worldwide famous in bikinis. Brazilian bikini is a trademark that as a woman you want to wear and show it off. You can’t deny when you think about Brazil, Brazilian bikini certainly comes to your mind. Under this notion , when my friend told …