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Hydrating Concealer: Dior vs Tarte

With so many concealers in the market, it gets hard to choose which one is the best. After years and years of trying so many concealers, I have narrowed down the selection to two concealers: Dior Forever Skin Corrector and Tarte Shape Tape Ultra Creamy. Let’s compare them to see which one gets to be the winner.

My Top 3 Favourite Concealers

This month of March, my posts will be focus on skin, therefore I will be writing a lot about foundations, comparing the ones from drugstore and testing high-end foundations that were recently launched. Along with foundations, if the focus is skin, concealers are also an important subject. There wouldn’t be a flawless makeup without concealer, therefore I decided to dedicate this post about my top 3 favourite concealers. Finding a good concealer for me it’s not easy, because my cheeks are huge and when I smile, my undereye area gets all wrinkly. Majority of concealers crease or look patchy on …