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October’s Makeup Haul: Nyx, Sample Beauty, MAC, Fenty, Inglot and Dior

For me, makeup is never enough and last month, the few days I was in London, I took advantage to select some basics that could be missing in my makeup bag. It was a makeup haul more based in eye products from Nyx, Sample Beauty and Inglot. Still, addicted as I am in red lipsticks, I had to add to my collection the most popular red lipstick from MAC and to complete my October’s makeup haul, a face product from Fenty. Here is the review of all these beauties.

Morphe 35B vs BH Cosmetics Take Me Back To Brazil Palette

As a makeup artist, I love colours, they are my creative universe and inspiration. Without no surprise when I saw Morphe 35B and BH Cosmetics palettes, instantly my eyes were attracted to both of them. However, I knew it would be nonsense to buy both, so I had no idea what to do. I did see the reviews that were already on the internet, but I think the subject could had been better approached. I end up buying the BH Cosmetics, because luckly, one of my colleagues bought the Morphe 35B palette and now I’m able to compare them properly. …