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Olaplex 4 and 8: Shampoo and Mask Review

Olaplex has been expanding its range of repairing and nourishing haircare through out this year. Olaplex 8 – Bond Intense Moisture Mask, was launched on April and some months after I decided to give it a try, together with the shampoo, Olaplex No 4. Are they good as much as the popular Olaplex No 3? Read my review to know the answer.

Haircare Routine

A week ago, was all about my skincare, this week it’s about my hair. You can have the most beautiful skin in the world, but if your hair looks rough, it seems that something is missing. Hair and skin go hand in hand. A bad hair day, we all have it once in a while, of course, but we all desire a bouncy hair that turn heads. Let’s dig into the products that over the last years have been helping my hair to look healthier, silky and soft. Before washing my hair, I like to use Olaplex to protect my …

Skincare routine

It’s been a long time I haven’t written about beauty in my blog and couldn’t stop thinking what I felt like writing. I used to be a big makeup junkie, more than skincare, but lockdown has changed me and now, I have more pleasure having my face free of makeup. To have a beautiful skin without any makeup, skincare becomes vital, hence I chose my skincare routine as a comeback in the blog’s beauty section. Note, as much as skincare is important to keep your skin young, remember your diet and regular exercise play a big role too. A radiant …