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Black Eyeliner + Red Lipstick: My top 3

A classic and timeless makeup look will always be associated with black eyeliner and red lipstick. To create this look, I focus on my top 3 that I can rely to achieve the perfect black eyeliner flick and a mesmerising red coloured lips.

The New Guerlain Rouge G

Would you like your lipstick to become unique as you? What if you could personalise not only the colour of your lipstick, but also the case? You would love it, right! The new Guerlain Rouge G is the lipstick that every girl wants. Besides looking like a piece of jewellery, you can match the case to your outfit or bag. People that never seen it, might mistaking it for a gadget part of a 007 James Bond movie. The exquisite elegant mirror part of the lipstick’s case makes you feel so special. You have 450 different combinations between the lipstick …