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Black Eyeliner + Red Lipstick: My top 3

A classic and timeless makeup look will always be associated with black eyeliner and red lipstick. To create this look, I focus on my top 3 that I can rely to achieve the perfect black eyeliner flick and a mesmerising red coloured lips.

Last Month’s Makeup Haul Review: MAC, Too Faced, Kiko, LA Splash, LA Girl, Kat Von D, Nyx, Karla Cosmetics and Elizabeth Arden

Every month I say I won’t spend more money on makeup, only if I run out of my basics, of course! Reality is, I just can’t resist makeup and I always end up loosing my mind. Surely last month, was not an exception and after putting all my makeup purchases together, I have concluded that March was more about lips! Time to review my makeup haul! MAC GRAND ILLUSION GLOSSY LIQUID LIPCOLOUR I completely lost my mind when I saw these lip glosses. I bought initially ‘rave bunny’ and ‘electric rainbow’, but then I thought I need stronger colours and …