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Kayali Perfume: White Flower and Vanilla Review

Huda Beauty is much more than just makeup. Huda Kattan, the entrepreneur behind Huda Beauty, has launched in 2018 a luxury fragrance collection named Kayali. The exotic scents from Kayali Perfume are inspired in the Middle East roots of Huda Kattan. Deja Vu White Flower and Vanilla are the first fragrances I tried from Kayali. Here is my review about them.

5 Perfumes I Became Addicted in 2022

Enigmatic, exotic or sensual, are some of the adjectives that could describe the fragrances I became addicted to in 2022. There are five perfumes that have been like a tattoo on my skin, that I could not live without this year. Hermes and Giorgio Armani, are some of the designer houses that seduced me with their fragrances. Because, Christmas is getting closer and soon it will be time to start buying some Christmas gifts, I thought of suggesting five perfumes as a gift, which are the five perfumes I became addicted to.