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Vegan Protein

Diet and exercise are the main factors to keep your body fit, but taking protein as a supplement can give you a little push to reach the fit levels you desire faster. After a work out replacing your energy levels with a vegan protein shake, will avoid the tiredness you might feel afterwards. Vegan protein is a healthy way to energize your body after a session of fitness and invigorate your muscles. I have two different sources of vegan protein that help my body to be fit in summer: one comes in a package of one kilo, from The Protein Works, perfect for everyday and another that comes in a small package of thirty grams, from Foodspring, perfect for when I travel.

Portuguese Easter

Since I can’t be in Portugal for a traditional Portuguese Easter, I decided to bring some of the tradition to me. On a Portuguese table, codfish is a must, it represents abundance, it has a festive symbol and is part of Portuguese culture, along with the Portuguese custard tarts and the traditional music called Fado. Thus, I chose a codfish recipe that you could definitely have it, if you would go to Portugal, it’s called: Bacalhau a Gomes de Sa. It doesn’t have a translation, besides bacalhau, which means codfish, but Gomes de Sa, it’s a person’s name, hence it …