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Nina Moniz Da Maia: Portuguese Designer Bags

The moment I put my eyes on a “Nina Moniz Da Maia” bag I instantly fell in love. The excellence and detailed design of her bags are a result of passion, hard work and so much dedication. Her brand has an inspiring story to tell that I had to write about. Find out too which bags I got from her handmade bag collection.

Asos and Shein Shopping Haul

I am this week again in Tenerife and every excuse is good to justify some clothes shopping. This is what normally happens in my mind: “oh I’m going to be away from home, perfect, what will I wear?” and when I come back to planet earth is too late, because my mind has already decided new outfits are needed. If my wardrobe would talk, probably would say something like: “I feel claustrophobic, why is she stuffing me with more rags, when the hangers are overcrowded and half of the clothes are classified as not suitable for covid season, so why …

Santa Teresa Activewear

I have always been fascinated by Brazilian Fashion. As Portuguese, when you watch Brazilian TV series, you end up admiring their fine taste for fashion. The colours, fabrics and design always highlight the best of a woman’s body, either you are slim or curvy. The fact their fashion embrace and celebrate femininity, led them to be worldwide famous in bikinis. Brazilian bikini is a trademark that as a woman you want to wear and show it off. You can’t deny when you think about Brazil, Brazilian bikini certainly comes to your mind. Under this notion , when my friend told …