I label myself as a nomad with a special zest for life. I’m a Portuguese that lived in Lisbon and Porto, born in Mozambique, emigrated in London and more recently in Tenerife. The more I travelled, the more I understood that beauty is everywhere and since one of my biggest passions is beauty, having worked as a makeup artist for 12 years, I knew I had to express this passion in a lifestyle blog. 

My lifestyle blog is a diary of my passions about beauty, makeup, fashion, travelling and food. Why include so many themes in a blog? Mainly as I said, it’s a diary of my passions. These passions make me feel alive on my worst days. On those days, fashion and food are essential for me: fashion allows me to embrace my alter ego and food makes my stomach happy. Happy stomach, happy life! 🙂

I hope you feel inspired by my blog to learn more about beauty and makeup, dress stylish, according to your personality, and travel the world .

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