3 Co-Ord’s From Asos For My Trip To Egypt

One of the reasons I love travelling is that I can reinvent myself through fashion. On my short trip to Egypt, I decided to adopt a more conservative style, yet trendy, to go along with the habits of Egyptian culture. I got 3 co-ord’s from Asos that can be labeled as classic, feminine and easygoing. Get inspired by these co-ord’s for your next spring holidays.

If you’re a shopaholic like me, I bet on every trip, you have the right excuse to update your wardrobe. I’m a shopaholic in rehab, but once in a while I relapse. Example of that is using my short trip to Egypt as my perfect justification to see what’s new in fashion and get a few pieces to show off. 
Considering that Egypt is a conservative country where women cover themselves due to religious factors, I wondered how I could look stylish in their spring season without revealing too much of my skin. I could just have picked some jeans, but I always like to take advantage on holidays to wear outfits I normally wouldn’t or don’t have the opportunity to. The sets I found on Asos inspired me so much that I knew I had found what I was looking for. I chose 3 sets from Asos that could represent my fashionista personality, whilst respecting Egyptian culture. Without further ado let me show you the sets I got.

Blue Plaid Blazer and shorts co-ord

On holidays I like to have options, if I don’t want to wear trousers. I couldn’t go for a short skirt or shorts during a holiday in Egypt, so instantly when I saw this set on Asos with knee-length shorts, I knew this was the style I needed to go for, also because I don’t have anything like this in my wardrobe. The thin fabric of this suit is an excellent choice for the initial hot spring days. The oversized matchy blazer balances the outfit by structuring the body and avoiding the knee-length shorts to look like a “go to golf look”. Unfortunately this set is not available anymore on Asos, hence I cannot add a link.


When spring comes, nature blossoms and becomes colourful, inspiring fashion to be playful. This set is a modern and feminine way to look classic, but with a dash of eccentricity, because of the ombre pattern. The waistcoat which can be worn open with a shirt underneath or on its own is the main element that makes this set playful and elegant. The bright colours are balanced and stand out without overwhelming the eyes. For this reason, I chose it as my second co-ord for my holidays.

Asos Ombre Waistcoat Set £66.60


A maxi broderie white skirt is a feminine classic style that will always be on trend. It’s comfortable, versatile and chic. This set with the wide shoulders cropped top adds a twist on the traditional broderie skirt. As soon as I saw this set, I knew I would be feeling stylish with it and I would be able to adapt it to daytime or nighttime for a romantic dinner.

Asos Broderie White Cropped Top and Skirt Set – £92.50

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