Does Spray Tan Cover Stretch Marks?

To add to their confidence and carry their desired choice of outfits with a carefree attitude, people cover their insecurities up. With the progressive use of social media, many beauty hacks have come into being. One beauty hack currently travelling through the industry is covering stretch marks with spray tan. It sounds intriguing based on the properties and requirements of the hack. So does it really work covering stretch marks with spray tan? Keep reading to find out the answer.

Looking at the beautiful reflections of our bodies, the sight that distorts our vision from the beauty focuses on the scars, stretch marks, cellulite, and unwanted dark patches.

As the beauty industry drags its audience in opposite directions of normalizing natural bodies and idealizing perfect bodies, body dysmorphia is expected in this generation.

As Olivia from MakeupBuds says, all the beauty hacks don’t work as well as they seem on the internet. Let’s review what the people who attempted this hack understood to bust this beauty hack and know if it’s a win or a fail. Based on their reviews and a few other detailed aspects, let this next-door beauty myth buster help you know whether this is for you.

How do Spray Tans Cover Stretch Marks?

The formula of a spray tan is usually a very thin wash-like layer of almost transparent colour. People attempt generally hide stretch marks with makeup. However, there’s always a risk of makeup being transferred onto other surfaces or its small-time frame. This is why some users prefer turning to spray tan as a more reliable and durable solution.

The formula of spray tans usually includes DHA, which reacts with the top layer of human skin and develops a tan-like colour. It’s not a layer that covers the skin but is a layer that usually darkens the tone.

More often than not, users observe that scarred skin fails to absorb the sunless tanning solution. It usually results in the scar being lighter than the rest of the body. However, this issue isn’t usually a roadblock for stretch marks. Depending on the thickness of the skin, the age of the stretch mark, the colour, and how the healing has taken place over the years, some stretch marks can be promisingly spray-tanned.

Most skins with stretch marks hold a particular potential to absorb some of the tanning solutions, which can help it darken. White and silver stretch marks are usually the easiest to spray tan since they hold the product well. Some stretch marks that have darkened or reddened may pose a problem saving onto the solution.

How does the process work?

Getting a spray tan could be as nerve-wracking as getting a tattoo, but let’s briefly overview the process and understand whether this method is something you should go for. People usually dread getting a spray tan because of the probability of getting the rest of the skin even darker, enhancing their stretch marks.

To lower the possibility of that happening, get a swab test done on your stretch mark before getting the tan, whether your stretch marks can absorb the spray tan well. If the rest of the skin seems slightly darker compared to the stretch mark, it is normal and indicative that with specific precision and expertise, the stretch mark could be evened out with the spray tan.

It’s strongly recommended that you visit a professional salon experience in spray tanning. This will ensure that you have the right skin tone and the perfect amount of blending to help it look more natural.

It’s also essential to note that spray tans do not guarantee complete coverage of the stretch marks. However, it makes the difference between the colour of the stretch mark and the natural skin tone way more subtle and evens it out with maximum blending.

Preparing your skin for a Spray Tan

Preparation before trying anything new is of utmost importance, and getting a spray tan is no different. Here’s the preparation of your skin into a few easy steps before you subject it to the tanning machine:

  • Exfoliate

When going for a spray tan, thoroughly exfoliate your skin to ensure you get rid of the dead skin cells. Spray tanning over dead skin cells may generate a darker tone. To ensure the best results, gently exfoliate on and around the stretch marks to get the layer of dead skin cells off and get a naturally blended tan.

  • Moisturize

To maximize your skin’s absorption capacity, ensure you moisturize your skin. The skin around stretch marks can be relatively dry, which, if spray-tanned on, may lead to the skin being tanned a few shades darker. Not only that but moisturizing the skin also heightens the ability of the tan to hold better.

  • Avoid too many products

Do not apply perfumes, fragrance-infused lotions, deodorants, or creams on your skin before your appointment. This may make the spray tan look more patchy, disrupting its usual golden glow.

  • Swatch Test

A swatch test on your skin before getting a spray tan may give you all the answers you need on whether the tan holds, whether the colour is a perfect match for your skin, and whether you can blend it well with the shade of the stretch mark. The process of a swatch test is straightforward; apply your tan on a small part of your skin with the stretch mark; once developed, rinse it off and observe.

Other Alternatives for Covering Up Stretch Marks


The most common and simple technique to cover stretch marks is makeup. There is a possibility of transfer and the makeup being rubbed off; however, the coverage should last longer with a setting powder and a spritz of the setting spray.

Regular Exfoliation

This may be slightly time-consuming but can be a long-term solution. With good exfoliation regularly, the dead skin cells are removed, often helping the appearance of the stretch mark to fade gradually.


This process tightens the collagen and elastin fibbers by working on the upper layer of the skin. The method may need a few further appointments, but will help eliminate stretch marks.

Topical Cream and Ointments

Topical treatment infused with extremely high levels of collagen and vitamin E oils will ensure that the difference between the stretch marks and the normal skin slightly fades over time. However, this process may take longer than the other processes mentioned above.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Spray Tan bad for stretch marks?

Spray tan may not have any long-term effects. However, it may result in the skin becoming dry after a spray tan session. If the product isn’t suitable for the skin, it may cause slight discomfort. Although in some cases, spray tan may not work since it’s more of a textural change in the skin and may reduce its absorption capacity.

How long does a spray tan last?

It mainly depends on the amount of coverage the user requests. However, the average period for a spray tan is usually between 7 and 10 days.

Do fake tans help to conceal scars?

The results for scars may vary from those for stretch marks since scars are usually darker than the rest of the skin. It may not improve the appearance of the scar and it can actually make it worse, darkening its colour. This also leads to the possibility of the scar appearing more enhanced than before, but there is no long-term damage.

Does spray tan also cover blemishes?

There is a strong possibility of spray tans being able to cover blemishes to a different multitude. If it does not wholly cover the blemish, it ensures that the appearance is significantly lower with an appropriate amount of blending and a perfect choice of colour.


Human bodies and skin are subjected to many changes over the years of human living. These changes can be captured in those scars, stretch marks, blemishes, wrinkles, and pigmentation. With or without these, human bodies are perfect. You may definitely turn to these methods to enhance your confidence if you feel the need. However, like most makeup and beauty hacks, we can’t guarantee how a particular hack or product may work for a specific person. The results vary for every individual. Having said that, if you feel these restore your confidence, you may try them and check the results yourself.

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