Top 5 Haircare Products of 2022

A haircare routine that nourishes scalp and hair is the key to having healthy hair. Healthy hair has a natural silky look that can only be obtained when you find the right products. If you have damaged hair like mine, due to heated styling tools and colouring, and your hair has lost the “silky look”, then you need to check my favourite 5 hair products that I tried in 2022. They have been my allies to repair my blonde coloured hair, hydrate my natural curls, protect my hair whilst straightening and detox my scalp.

When you have a good hair day, you feel invincible. You can dress in the most cosy tracksuit, have a bare face free of makeup and still look amazing just because of your perfect hair. Most of us to achieve the perfect hair day, become addicted to hair styling tools that after a while end up damaging our hair. To worsen this scenario, dying our hair has become a habit whenever we want to start a new chapter in our lives or when grey hair starts to appear. The result is lackluster hair that has lost its balance.

My hair for example tends to be very dry at the ends and oily at the roots, thus I always have to find the best products that can purify my scalp and recover my split ends. My blonde coloured hair doesn’t make the task easy. Being constantly on the search for new hair products that can do miracles on my damaged curly hair, I discovered 5 products in 2022 that have helped me to recover my hair and scalp. They might help you too.


Cantu Wave Whip Curling Mousse is the first 100% crunch-free mousse that makes my natural curls look healthy and repairs the locks that have been damaged by heat and colour.

Cantu curling mousse uses shea butter, castor oil and vitamin B5 to repair the structure of curly hair to achieve a frizz-free and voluminous hair. The texture of this mousse looks like a liquid serum that transforms into foam. If you have curly hair like mine that has lost its shape, I highly recommend you to try Cantu Curling Mousse. You don’t have to use any leave-in curl cream together with the mousse, as normally curly hair tutorials recommend. This product is enough on its own and makes life so much simpler for curly hair. After washing my hair, I apply it from roots to ends and leave my hair to dry naturally. On the days after washing, I apply the mousse again on my ends and good to go without any crunchiness. I noticed my hair has become more hydrated after using this mousse, with less split ends and my scalp doesn’t get oily as it happens with other hair mousses.

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The frenetic lifestyle we are surrounded by nowadays, it impacts on our scalp’s balance, causing a tired, stressed and clogged up scalp. To detox scalp while restoring its balance, ICON Shift Detoxifying Hair Treatment is the best scalp toner.

ICON Shift Detoxifying Hair Treatment has a special blend of menthol, tea tree, salicylic acid, peppermint and eucalyptus oil that help to remove all impurities and soothe even the most irritated scalp.

The freshness given by the menthol combined with peppermint, it reinvigorates my scalp. The scalp dermatitis I suffer from disappears with this toner, because it controls excess oil and exfoliates the scalp to stimulate blood flow. ICON Detox Treatment is a must-have in your haircare, if you want your hair to grow healthy and keep your scalp cleaner in between washes. The application is very easy. Divide hair by sections and apply toner directly on the scalp. Leave it for 15 minutes. Wash hair after with your usual shampoo and conditioner.


Despite having heard about Christophe Robin a lot, only when I got the Look Fantastic Advent Calendar, I had the chance to try the famous Cleansing Purifying Scrub Shampoo. It really impressed me and therefore I include it in this list of my 2022’s favourites.

The coarse sea salt that the shampoo is made of, exfoliates scalp to eliminate all dirt and daily build-up. The key ingredient of bisabolol, extracted from the Brazilian candeia tree, purifies and soothes the scalp. Specially formulated for sensitive and oily scalp, this shampoo reduces itchiness and balances natural scalp’s moisture.

One thing I really like about this shampoo is that a bit goes a long way. A small portion is enough to make foam for the whole scalp. The exfoliating effect creates a relieving sensation for my oily scalp and the marine scent makes me feel as if I am in a spa. Christophe Robin Cleansing Purifying Scrub Shampoo is perfect in your haircare routine for those weeks where your hair seems dull and dehydrated.

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I heard about K18 Molecular Repair Mask for the first time on my favourite blog Beauty and More, with whom I had the pleasure to collaborate in the last two weeks. Check articles bellow:

I was really skeptical about this product, even though the reviews were amazing. I kept thinking how can a leave-in mask that allows you to blow dry hair afterwards, be able to recover extremely damaged hair! I’m glad I took a risk and got it anyway. It was a good investment without any doubt. I did see some YouTube videos reviewing K18 and they all said that for damaged bleached hair this was the best product to recover hair. Considering my hair is blonde highlighted and I have put my hair under severe breakage due to straightening, by the Youtube reviews, K18 was perfect for me.

Made with a patented bioactive peptide treatment, K18 Molecular Repair Mask is a “petit” miracle that boosts elasticity on the most damaged hair. Straight after the first use, hair recovers strength, shine and moisture.

My hair, besides being less frizzy after using K18, holds the blow dry much longer under humid weather. The leave-in mask is ideal for curly hair that it’s difficult to tame when straightening. Another significant advantage about K18 is the time saved on leaving a conditioner or hair mask on. When using K18, there isn’t any need of applying conditioner or hair mask. K18 leave-in mask needs to be applied after shampoo, as a leave-in cream and has to be left for 4 minutes before styling hair. It literally saves me 30 minutes of conditioning my hair.

The only con of this “hair miracle” is the price. The 15ml package costs £25 and 50ml, £55. Despite being pricey, K18 is the right investment for coloured damaged hair.


To protect my hair from severe damage caused by heated styling tools, GHD Bodyguard Heat Protect Spray has been the best hair heat protector I have used so far. When I bought the GHD Original Straightener last year, I got this heat protector spray as a freebie. I did like it when I tried it, but now I like it even more, because the more I use it, the more I notice how my hair stays silky and smooth.

GHD Bodyguard Heat Protect Spray is a lightweight formula that suits all types of hair.

On my curly hair, I was afraid it would add some frizziness, as it happens with some heat protectors where the formula leaves hair damp and it causes more damage rather than protecting. With GHD Protect Spray hair keeps its style and healthy look. I spray it on my hair every time I have to “re-straighten” it, after the first day I blew dry my hair when washed. I make sure to use heated styling tools maximum 3 times a week and not everyday as I did before. It’s important to rest hair from styling tools to restore its natural moisture.

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From all the products I mention, my absolute favourites are Cantu Wave Whip Curling Mousse and K18 Molecular Leave-in Repair Hair Mask. Nonetheless, these 5 haircare essentials are worth trying when you want to focus on having a healthy scalp, together with a strong hair that resists stress, pollution and hairstyling damage.

Check the reel on Instagram below, where you can see me using these hair essentials.

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  1. I’m a big fan of Christopher Robin products

  2. Great post Michele! Apart from K18 repair hair mask which I already have and you know I love, I’m adding all of these products to my wish list. They all sound like real game-changers and I think they will work for my hair as well. I’m glad to know the K-18 mask works for you too and thank you so much for mentioning my blog in your post!

  3. I’m the biggest fan of Christophe Robin hair products! The hair masks are great for dry hair. My favorites are the color hair mask and the copper hair mask! The scrub is something that I use for almost two years and it’s great for people with sensitive and colored hair!

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