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Finding the perfect gift for someone you love dearly can be difficult at times. Giving the perfect gift to family, friends, children or a romantic partner should always be an unique experience where love is commemorated and remembered everyday. Hooray Heroes offers the perfect gift idea: a personalized book dedicated to the “hero” you love. Discover how to create the perfect story that becomes eternal in a custom made book that reminds why someone is special to you.

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When a special date comes, such as a birthday, Valentine’s, Christmas, Mother’s or Father’s day, we tend to go to a shopping mall to find the perfect gift. However, unique gifts that show our appreciation and love are quite hard to find. When I was approached to be part of Hooray Heroes campaign, I never thought I was about to find the perfect gift idea to the person I love the most, my husband. Looking for a present for my husband has always been a nightmare to me. My husband has everything, literally everything and his fine taste complicates my life when a special date is around. To make sure to give him the ideal present that can truly make him happy, I end up spending hours either in a shopping mall or online. Finding a distinctive gift that is different from everything that he already has, in the 3 years we have been together, has always been a struggle. From all the presents I gave him so far, from a game console, collector pen, perfumes, clothing, I only get a basic reaction of “Nice!”. This time with Hooray Heroes I knew I was about to give him something special that could express all the happiness I feel by loving him in the good and bad days.


Hooray Heroes offers the possibility of creating a custom made book where you and the person whom the book is dedicated to, become the main characters of a book by choosing the physical features that identify you, so the cartoon images of the book can look like you both, and creating a personalised story of love that can be remembered at any time.

Hooray Heroes makes the job of looking for a present so simple and unique! The custom made book can be given to your grandparents, children, nephews, nieces, parents, friends, romantic partners, so it fits any special date and anyone you love.

When you head to Hooray Heroes website, you can choose amongst 4 types of book and in each one, you will be able to select the physical attributes of the characters to look like you, choose the messages in each page and a special dedication written by the end of the book.

The pages of the book are lively, colourful and filled with unforgettable words that melt anyone’s heart. It’s the type of gift that celebrates love as it should be.

The dedication written on the last page of the book I gave to my husband

When my husband received Hooray Heroes personalised book, I could see his broad smile, which I haven’t seen before when I gave him other gifts. He was speechless and moved by the loving words that describe each quality that made me fall in love with him. I could see in his eyes he was feeling special for being the main character of a book dedicated only to him.

Hooray Heroes personalised books – from £46.99


I never thought that creating a book for someone I love could be so easy and quick. It took me less than 10 minutes to choose the cover and pages of the book, and in 3 days I received it at home. This book concept of Hooray Heroes is the perfect present for someone that already has everything like my husband or to someone that needs to be remembered how much they are loved, because love deserves to be celebrated everyday.

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  1. This is a really nice personalised gift idea! Thank you so much for sharing, Michele!

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