Top Favourite Makeup Products for 2022: Collaboration Post with “Beauty & More”

It seems that year after year there are more makeup products in the beauty industry, which can make anyone indecisive about what products are worth to try. For this reason, the experienced blogger of Beauty & More and I, decided to collaborate together again to bring you the best 10 makeup products that we tried in 2022 that are a must-have in your makeup bag.

The beauty market offers so many options nowadays, that in terms of makeup, it can be quite difficult to choose even if the simplest task is to find a lipstick. With so many products available, which are the ones that are worth trying? Every year the task gets harder and harder, therefore, exactly as we did last year, Blanca, the blogger of Beauty & More, and I teamed up to present a list of 10 favourite makeup products that we have become inseparable in 2022.

Blanca is the perfect “partner in crime” when the topic is beauty and makeup. She is a talented blogger that is always looking for the last trends and the best tips to get the best from your beauty and makeup products. I am a huge fan of her blog, which is written both in English and Spanish. Her style and attention to detail results in outstanding articles that bring interesting beauty topics and elegant fashion inspirations. It’s impossible not to fall in love with her blog! Make sure to follow her blog (click here) and her Instagram to be up to the last beauty and fashion trends:

Head to the link bellow to discover the 10 makeup products that have become our favourites in 2022:

Keep an eye on our blogs, because next week we will bring 10 skincare products that we also tried in 2022, that we consider essential in your skincare routine.

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  1. Thank you so much Michele for this post collaboration! It was great teaming up with you to pick and share our ten favorite makeup products. Thank you so much as well for publishing this amazing referral in your always interesting blog!

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