Lash Serum vs Castor Oil

Fuller lashes are the beauty trend that never goes away. How to get natural fuller lashes, especially if your lashes look sparse? Well, there are two methods available to help your lashes grow naturally: lash serum and castor oil, but which one is proven to be effective in getting longer lashes? Keep reading to find out the answer.

Getting those perfectly curved and long eyelashes has to be among our top-most priorities. While we can achieve it through mascaras and falsies, how about getting it naturally? We do live in times where this is indeed possible!

Those once short and brittle lashes can be turned into long, voluminous, healthy lashes with different methods.

Some might go for a natural way, while others prefer the lash serums available. So what exactly should you choose? The two prominent people’s choices are lash serums and castor oil. But how would you know what would be ideal for you? To eliminate your stress of selecting the right pick, we have come up with this report, so dive into it.

Lash Serum VS Castor Oil : What Would Suit You Best?

We all know that there are two kinds of people, one who would like to try new techniques and formulas on their skins, and the others who want to stick to traditional methods and home remedies.

Castor oil and lash serums have worked wonders regarding lash growth, but the battle continues. So let’s take a deeper look at both elements’ benefits and side effects so you can decide your winner.

Lash Serum Benefits:
As the name suggests, lash serums are specially formulated serums that primarily enhance and nourish your lashes. Let’s quickly look at some of the significant benefits they provide that make people gaga over them.

● Lash serums contain several effective and promising ingredients like Biotin, Sodium Hyaluronate, Panthenol, and others.
● They serve their purpose, which is growing the lashes long and healthy. Hair follicles are stimulated and permitted to grow longer and healthier hair.
● Besides increasing the length, some lash serums condition the lashes as they contain ingredients like sodium hyaluronate, which is known for its excellent moisturizing and hydrating powers. So your lashes aren’t just long and dry but long and healthily moisturized.
● Lash serums are also helpful in strengthening your lashes, meaning it’s time to say goodbye to dry and brittle lashes. Some serums contain polypeptides that are known for preventing the breakage of hair and promoting voluminous lashes.
● Applying lash serums is always accessible; some brands show results in no time.

Castor Oil Benefits:
Castor oil is among the best home remedies that will not only solve your hair problems but also work well with your skin.

● Castor oil naturally has antibacterial properties. The little, almost invisible nasty creatures that settle on our lashes are shooed away.
● It is known for its antifungal properties. It’s not just bacteria that cause damage to our hair; they can be fungi-like components.
● Castor oil is an enrichment of the essential amino acid ricinoleic acid, a natural emollient. The presence of this emollient will hydrate your lashes and keep them moisturized.
● The presence of oleic and linoleic acid help bring healthy lashes by keeping them shiny and soft.
● Vitamin E, a powerful ingredient in many hair growth serums, is present in castor oil.
● Even some lash serums use castor oil as their prime ingredient.

Lash Serum Drawbacks:
Let’s look at the other side of the coin. Below are some of the drawbacks of lash serums.

● One of the significant drawbacks of a lash serum is finding the perfect one. A good and effective product is essential, especially when you devote weeks to it.
● There might be certain ingredients in some brands of lash serums that may trigger allergies.
● The results vary from person to person and can take time, sometimes weeks or months, or even no results.
● You must be consistent with the serums to see the desired and undelayed results. However, a lash serum not made for you can cause severe damage like blindness.
● Many lash serum brands available boast of their natural ingredients and claim there’s no need for a prescription, but most of them fail to meet the expectations.
We recommend consulting your doctor before trying any lash, skin, or hair product.

Castor Oil Drawbacks:
● Castor oil is quite sticky. The application process can be messy.
● Castor oil has an unpleasant smell which may irritate users.
● It is a staining substance, so while applying it on your lashes, if you stain your clothes, then you need to work hard to remove it.
● It is astringent so it might cause skin irritation and dryness.
● No scientific study has proven that castor oil helps eyelashes grow.

Results : Lash Serum VS Castor Oil

Lash serums are made to work on lashes, increasing their length, nourishing them, and thickening them. So the ingredients contained in lash serums also are effective for hair growth. Most people see positive results within 6-8 weeks of consistently using the serums. Moreover, lash serums contain mostly all-natural and safe ingredients that work well and cause no damage. Some of these serums are even dermatologically and clinically tested. Hence, lash serums, depending on the ingredients, do work well.

On the other hand, Castor oil has one major drawback: it isn’t proven scientifically helpful for hair growth. All these positives about it working well are based on the evidence of several people who tried it. Since it is a natural home remedy, it is assumed to work well and does the job. But in terms of official claims and research, castor oil lacks a bit compared to lash serums.

Side Effects

Lash serums serve their purpose of growing the lashes longer and healthier. But in some scenarios, this isn’t the case. People experience side effects that can either be mild or can sometimes severe. Some of the common side effects experienced with lash serums are irritated eyes. Because of certain chemicals, when the serum gets into the eyes, it causes irritation or redness of the eyes or even blindness.

Other side effects include skin discoloration. If you are very impatient and decide to apply the serums in excess, you may have to forcefully join hands with the discoloration of the skin near your eyes. In rare cases, the presence of Prostaglandin can cause an unintended discoloration of the eye.

Castor oil, similar to lash serums, also poses a threat and paves the way for common side effects. For people with allergies, it may trigger an allergic reaction and cause skin irritations. If it gets into the eye, it may cause stinging and discomfort. Pregnant ladies should also avoid castor oil, which can induce labor and cause premature contractions.

FAQs | Lash Serum VS Castor Oil

What does castor oil contain?
Castor oil is mainly composed of fatty acids, and ricinoleic acid is one among them. It also contains neutral lipids or triglycerides as its components.

How often should you apply eyelash serums?
Lash serums should be applied once every night before you go to bed. Some lash serum brands have different application styles, so you must check before using them.

How long should I keep using the lash serum?
The results differ from person to person. However, most people see noticeable differences in their lashes after 4-6 weeks of consistent use of the serum. It may also take more than 2 months; make sure you apply it regularly.

Can pregnant women use castor oil?
Pregnant or lactating women should not use or intake castor oil as it can cause premature contractions. Castor oil is used for the induction of labor.



Nulastin Lash Follicle Fortifying Serum with Elastaplex – £66

Nulastin Lash Follicle Fortifying Serum with Elastaplex it’s probably the lash product with more positive reviews. Some say in less than two months have seen the result. Check here the reviews. Nulastin it’s recommended to be used day and night on clean eyes and lashes. It’s important to be applied on the eyelid, on the follicle of the lashes to get all the benefits.

Nulastin is made with naturally derived, locally sourced ingredients and is:
✓ Suitable for contacts and lash extensions
✓ Ophthalmologist tested
✓ Cruelty-free & vegan-friendly


L’oreal Lash Serum £11.99

I used in the past L’oreal Lash Serum day and night, and I did see results after 4 months. I stopped using when I moved to Tenerife, because I couldn’t find it here. I referred this product in 2021, on my article Skincare Routine (click here to read it). Overall, L’oreal Lash Serum is a more budget friendly and by my own experience, it does show results.


Catrice Lash & Brow Serum – £4.99

Recently here in Tenerife I found this product, Catrice Super Boost Lash & Brow Serum. It’s very similar to L’oreal Lash Serum, with the only difference that this last has castor oil and Catrice has Widelash™ by Sederma, which I’m hoping to be more effective. I just started to use Catrice one week ago, so it’s still early to say if I have seen results or not. I will update this post in a few months with my testimony about this product.


Arganour Castor Oil Bio – £7.25

Very rich in ricinolic acid, Arganour Castor Oil Bio, is a great option if you would prefer going for something more natural and organic as castor oil. The package includes a spoolie to be able to apply the product on the eyelashes. I tried it myself and I have to say, I’m only able to use it at night, because the application can be tricky, since you need to make sure to remove the excess of the oil from the spoolie, if not, you will end up with castor oil everywhere.


The feeling of having naturally grown lashes and acing the look without using mascaras and falsies is incomparable. There are various options available for growing your lashes longer, be it through natural home remedies or specially formulated lash serums. The example of lash serum vs. castor oil is still debatable, considering which one to believe. If you feel your skin is susceptible and reacts with chemicals, you can opt for castor oil. However, one thing about castor oil is that it is majorly proved by people rather than through scientific research. So with the above comparison, it is ultimately your take to decide who wins the battle!

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  1. I’ve never tried castor oil. I have used serum before and it has worked. Need to get some when I’m in London (or some other bigger place next). The beauty selection in the local shops doesn’t includse eye lash serums. Or at least I haven’t found any.

    1. What lash serum did you use? I’m curious. I’m still adapting as well to the beauty stores available here in Tenerife. Recently I found one that has a big selection of products, but of course when I visit London, I make sure I top up my favourite products.

  2. This is a really good post! I never tried castor oil for the inconcenience of application and fear it might upset my sensitive eyes. I tried many eyelash serums in the past and not all of them worked. I got visible results using Sesderma Seslash, which can be applied in eyebrows too, and Rapid Lash serum.

    1. I only manage to use castor oil at night. Lash serums are much easier to use daily, at any time of the day. I did find an alternative use for castor oil that has been very beneficial. I started to use it on the ends of my hair before washing it. About the lash serums you referred, I googled them and they look very effective. Thank you.

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