Dresses For Christmas And New Year’s Eve

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, families and friends gathered together to celebrate Christmas and New Year’s Eve. As wonderful as it can be, unfortunately there is stress attached to it too, especially when it comes the time to find the perfect dress. I chose some dresses for this Holiday Season for every budget that can make the task of finding the perfect dress easier.

Year after year, it always comes to the same, what to dress for Christmas and New Year’s Eve when all you want is to be with family, friends and eat. Thinking of what to wear should be the last worries when there is so much to decide around Holiday Season, where to go, what to cook, who is coming, how to decorate the house. Still with all this in mind, we end up in the dilemma of what to wear. I spent the last weeks, along with the decision of what to cook, dwelling on what dress to buy for the most wonderful time of the year. Here are 14 dresses for every budget, from affordable to luxury.


Asos is probably the best option if you are running out of time. They have same day delivery and their prices suit any budget. I got a dress from them for Christmas Eve. It’s beautiful and the price was even better. They have discounts at the moment, so the price you might see bellow it’s probably with discount included.


Zara has some dresses too, if you don’t have that much time to look for one. Their Holiday Season collection is a mixture of black glamour dressed up that it seems to evoke the Netflix Series Wednesday with shiny fabrics of satin, sequin and rhinestones. I got a black leather dress that I might wear on Christmas day.


From all the Inditex brands, Bershka is the one that has the dresses I like the most. They have several options from colourful dresses to more elegant neutral tones. I chose a pink sequin dress for New Year’s Eve. If you like the pink headband on the picture bellow on the right, click here to discover the amazing luxury hair accessories brand: Pose Atelier.


House of CB is my favourite brand for special occasions. This year, my birthday and wedding dress were from House of CB. If I wouldn’t be on a budget at the moment, I would get one of these two dresses.


This online brand has stunning dresses. I saw it on an influencer in Instagram and I fell in love. If you’re not restricted budget-wise, then you need to check their website. Alamour The Label is a high premium brand that the dresses seem to be taken from a red carpet. The two dresses I chose, I chose with Christmas and New Year’s Eve in mind, so it’s better to visit their website for a wider selection.


My ultimate dream dress are the ones from Teuta Matoshi. I saw YouTube reviews from this luxury online brand and what you see on the website is what you get. These are the types of dresses that will remind you Disney movies like Cinderella type of dress. You wouldn’t be on time to get a dress for New Year’s Eve from Teuta Matoshi, since it requires some months of preparation and shipping, though I wanted to include in this Holiday Season dress list the most amazing dresses I have ever seen.

Have a Wonderful Holiday Season,

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