GHD Original Straightener Review

Available since 2001, GHD Straighteners have gained a huge popularity, being known as the best to get sleek and shiny hair. Only now I put the famous original GHD straightener to test. Does it work in very frizzy curly hair like mine? Will GHD beat L’oreal Steampod, which has been my favourite straightener for about eight years? Here is a quick review about the GHD Original Straightener.

The internationally recognized brand for hair straighteners, hot brushes, hair dryers and hair curlers has become extremely popular amongst hairdressers that recommend GHD as the perfect tool to have smooth and silky hair.

Founded in 2001, GHD, which stands for Good Hair Day, has innovated the hair straightener market with the new generation single-zone™ ceramic technology present in the Original Straightener.

On Black Friday this year, I finally decided to get one and see it for myself, if it would work on my unruly hair. When I went to John Lewis Oxford Street, in London, GHD Original Straightener was already sold out. I went to other department stores, but it had sold out too. I only found it in Selfridges, because they didn’t apply any discount on Black Friday! I was hesitant, if I should get it or not without discount, but the sales assistant was so nice, that I made up my mind quickly. She offered me for free the Mini Paddle Brush and the GHD Bodyguard Heat Protect Spray, in a travel size. She also showed me how to use the straightener as a hair curler and I was totally convinced by then.

Now the question for me was, would the GHD Original Straightener replace my L’oreal Steampod that I have used for eight years?

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There are many reasons that make GHD Original Straightener the perfect straightener for everyday without damaging hair:

  • Ceramic floating plates for a smooth and glossy coating that provides shiny hair;
  • In 30 seconds is ready to be used;
  • Sleek rounded shape to multi-task different hair styles, straight, curly or wavy;
  • Single-zone™ ceramic technology that keeps a constant and evenly distributed temperature of 185oC on both plates to give a long lasting sleek finish, without burning hair;
  • Switches off automatically if not used for 30 minutes;
  • The 360o swivel cord gives freedom to use the straightener from different positions whilst styling hair.


The first impression I had when I used the GHD Original Straightener, was that it looked too simple for a popular straightener. No buttons to regulate the temperature, just a power button, nothing else besides that.

The only button you will find on the
GHD Original Straightener

I was always used to have straighteners that I could adjust the temperature as I wished, since in the days that I need a quick hair fix, I like to adjust the temperature to 150oC to reduce damaging on my bleached highlights. Wouldn’t 185oC unchangeable temperature be harmful to my hair?

I tried it after washing my hair and on the quick hair fix days.

In a few words I have to say GHD Original Straightener is really good!

When I used the straightener after washing my hair and blow-drying it first, my hair was smooth exactly as if I had used L’oreal Steampod, if not better. My hair was shiny and it lasted for days without needing to touch up.

The days that I might have needed to touch up my hair, GHD Original Straightener made my hair look dry, even with the heat protector, opposite to the shiny effect I got on the day I washed my hair. So on the quick fix hair days, I prefer to fix my hair only with a blow-dryer, instead of using the GHD Straightener. Regardless that, the fact that GHD Original Straightener gives long-lasting results when used on the “wash hair days” is enough to make this straightener your hair’s best friend. Here is a video of me using it for the first time.

Watch the video to see the difference between my unruly hair and when straightened with the GHD

So do I prefer GHD Original Straightener to my usual L’oreal Steampod Straightner? In a matter of fact I do, GHD Original Straightener is smaller, so better for travelling, the straight styled hair lasts longer and I can straight, create curls or waves.

GHD Straightener was a good investment that totally justifies the £119 I paid for.

GHD Original Straightener – £119

ABOUT THE Mini Paddle Brush and the GHD Bodyguard Heat Protect Spray

Mini Paddle Brush and the GHD Bodyguard Heat Protect Spray freebies that the sales assistant gave to me when I purchased GHD Straightener

Who doesn’t love to receive some freebies when buying something. The Selfridges’s sales assistant was super attentive when she gave the Mini Paddle Brush and the GHD Bodyguard Heat Protect Spray for free. I absolute love both. The brush has a perfect size to be carried in the bag and the Heat Protect Spray when used after washing and before styling hair it gives a glossy and nourished look to hair.

From all the heat protecting products I tried so far, this one from GHD is probably the best and consequently a must-have.


Now that I have put the GHD Original Straightener to the test and it has passed successfully, I wonder about the other GHD‘s straighteners, in particular the GHD Unplugged Cordless Styler that it can be taken anywhere without needing a plug, being perfect for those rainy humid days when hair gets frizzy. Maybe in the future when it gets cheaper than the actual price of £299.

GHD Original Straightener just proves that is better to pay more for good hair tools that take care of hair. For example, I have a straightener from Remington that I bought two years ago on Amazon for £20 and it’s useless.

I’m really glad I decided to invest on a GHD.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this really good review! I bought a GHD Original Straightener 10 years ago and it’s the best heat tool I ever bought. I agree with you it leaves long lasting results and I don’t need to touch up my hair as often as before, plus it’s a very good investment as I still use it now and it works as the first day.

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