Off-White New Perfume Collection: Paperwork Solution

The luxury and visionary fashion brand Off-White has stepped into the beauty market with its new perfume collection: Paperwork Solution. Fresh, citrus, woody, spicy, Paperwork Solution is a set of 4 fragrances that are adaptable to any style or taste. Launched in the beginning of this year, Off-White perfumes are starting to be seen in every luxury fragrance department store in London and no one passes indifferent to them. I tried all four and as usual Virgil Abloh, the creator of Off-White, has launched another success. Get to know better this collection, especially in Christmas season, where this can be a good option for a Christmas gift.

Before passing, Virgil Abloh had the vision to create a perfume collection that could be seen as genderless, innovative and the epitome of diversity. His vision became reality with the help of renowned perfumers earlier this year, in April.

The result is a modern, versatile and sparkling perfume collection that deserves to be in your Christmas whishlist.

Off-White Paperwork Solution display in Harvey Nichols in London

The collection named Paperwork Solution includes 4 fragrances that are called simply as: Solution No.1, Solution No.2, Solution No.3 and Solution No.4. I discovered the collection whilst I was in London. I saw it in Harrods and Selfridges, but it was in Harvey Nichols that I took the time to get to know them better. The sales assistant was so helpful and informative that this article came as a consequence of it.

I have to mention the perfume bottles with its unique design visible on the lids that look like faucet threads. It’s as if you would be opening the tap water to “hydrate” your skin with a magnificent “fountain” scent. Which Solution “fountain” is better and which one is the worst amongst the 4 perfumes?


Off-White Paperwork Solution N.o 1 and N.o 2

Totally different fragrances, Off-White Paperwork Solution No.1 Eau de Parfum has an ocher smell derived from the ingredients: ho wood known as camphor tree, sand accord and patchouli.

Musky and woody Solution No.1 doesn’t suit all tastes.

For example, I don’t like patchouli, so I’m not surprised Solution No. 1 is the one I like the least amongst the 4 Paperwork Solution‘s. This fragrance for me has an overwhelming dry and musky scent.

Off-White Paperwork Solution No.2 is a delicious and crisp-fresh perfume where the tangerine leaves, orange blossom and vetiver revive the childhood feeling of playing freely in the backyard garden. The careless free spirit feeling that Solution No. 2 gives when sprayed on the skin, is the perfect perfume formula for an everyday unisex scent. As a Christmas gift, this is a great option.


Off-White Paperwork Solution N.o 3 and N.o 4

A sweet, yet earthy aroma makes Off-White Paperwork Solution No. 3 a balanced fragrance with feminine notes of rose damascena, pink peppercorns and ambrette.

The musky, spicy, and floral composition fits a romantic and confident spirit that likes to celebrate new experiences.

I can see this perfume being combined with a special outfit on a very special occasion. I really like Solution No.3 by the bubbly romantic mood it puts me in when I spray it on my skin.

Last but not least, Paperwork Solution No. 4 is an invitation to a happy spring day in the forest with a harmonious symbiosis of eucalyptus, vetiver and sandalwood. Solution No. 4 reminds me of one of my husband’s perfume that I absolute adore, Le Labo Santal 33 Eau de Parfum. They are very similar.

If you like fresh woody fragrances, Paperwork Solution No. 4 is a must-have.

From all the 4 Solution‘s, this last is my favourite, because it reminds me when I went out for the first time with my husband and he had this scent on him. Good memories!

Off-White Paperwork Solution
Eau de Parfum 100ml – £135


Paperwork Solution is an amazing debut for Off-White in the fragrance world. All the perfumes, apart from Solution No.1, are splendid and a good investment. I purchased one for a Christmas gift and I’m certain it was a good choice.

Off-White has launched more recently eyeshadow sticks and nail varnishes. They are available in Harvey Nichols. There you can find beautiful gift sets with the fragrances and makeup, which are perfect for this Christmas season.

The eyeshadow sticks could be better, but it’s a nice selection of bright colours that fit perfectly Off-White‘s style. The nail varnishes are definitely better than the eyeshadows.

Overall Off-White is another luxury designer brand that is following the trend of expanding the fashion business into beauty. Which brand will be next?

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  1. Thank you for bringing this Off-White fragrance collection launching. London is a great city to discover exclusive launches that take months to be available in other countries. I think my favorite would be Solution No. 3 as I love spicy floral fragrances.

    1. True, big cities like London always get the most up-to-date launches. Hopefully Off-White fragrance collection will be available in other cities too 🙂

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