Christmas gifts are the treats we all love when Christmas is around the corner. To show my appreciation to all my followers and subscribers, I decided to collaborate with my favourite British beauty brands to bring another giveaway. This giveaway is valid worldwide, unlike the previous I had only for UK. Check how to participate, to get the chance to win 11 beauty products, worth £200 altogether.

I realized Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without bring to my followers and subscribers another giveaway. This time, a beauty giveaway open to every country. The previous giveaway was only available to UK, and I noticed some people weren’t happy with it. So I thought about it and spoke to my favourite British beauty brands to include my best-loved products in this special Christmas giveaway. If you follow my blog and Instagram account, it’s no surprise the giveaway includes my favourite eyeshadow palette from Gelina Cosmetics, Twin Soul Eyeshadow Palette, or my favourite pen eyeliner from Exp Cosmetics. But there are more products, which I have been praising throughout the year.


All the products of this beauty giveaway

Last year I had the opportunity to collaborate with amazing beauty brands from UK. I was so astonished by the quality of their products, that they end up being several times the theme of some articles and posts in my blog and Instagram. I have been using them since then and I know you will love them as much as I do. These are the 11 products, worth £200 altogether, included in this beauty giveaway:

1) Gelina Cosmetics Twin Soul Eyeshadow Palette

Click On Article Bellow To See Swatches

2) Gelina Cosmetics Professional Set of 18 Bamboo Makeup Brushes

3) Exp Cosmetics Hit Maker Eyeshadow Palette

Click On Article Bellow To See Swatches

4) Exp Cosmetics 2-in-1 Black Lash Glue Eyeliner

Click On Article Bellow To See Eyeliner

5) Exp Cosmetics Seductress Lashes

6) Exp Cosmetics Enchantress Lashes

7) Bossy Glossy The One Night Moisturiser

Click On Article Bellow To Read Review About This Moisturiser

8) Bossy Glossy Peppermint Lip Balm

9) Mirana Fusion Hair Tonic

Click On Article Bellow To Read Review About This Hair Tonic

10) LED Rejuvenation Face Device

11) LED Rejuvenation Eye Device


To participate follow these steps:

1) Click on the Instagram post above

2) Follow my Instagram account: @michelegoesglossy

3) Tag 1 friend

4) Share post on your Instagram Story and tag my account @michelegoesglossy


On Friday, the 23rd of December the winner will be announced. The giveaway is valid worldwide, so make sure to participate! Good Luck!

Thank you for subscribing and support my blogging passion,

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