Pose Atelier: Luxury Hair Accessories

When accessories are made with care and detail, the result is an irresistible high quality item. When I came across with the Portuguese brand Pose Atelier and I saw their luxury hair accessories for the first time, I couldn’t resist them. The headbands and hair scrunchies are handmade and designed carefully. Let’s unbox together the dazzling and unique hair accessories from Pose Atelier.

Hair accessories can be elegant, sophisticated and stylish when designed with passion and expertise. This is how the hair accessories from Pose Atelier can be described.

The Portuguese brand for headbands and scrunchies, primes for their attention to detail. If you thought hair accessories cannot be part of luxury fashion, wait until you get to know better Pose Atelier.

When I saw on Instagram their artwork, I knew I wanted my hair to be embellished with it. I ordered a few headbands and scrunchies and I’m please to unveil the beautiful work from this amazing brand.


Pose Atelier was born in March of 2020. Sara Nobre, the founder of Pose Atelier, had dreamed for years to open an atelier that could reflect her passion for fashion, fabrics and her great-grandmother’s talent for sewing. Sara Nobre is a talented architect that was influenced by her successful Dad, that is a surgeon, besides her great-grandmother, which led her to design timeless well executed pieces that could express the artistry for detail that runs into the family. Both of them passed to her the curiosity for manual artwork and exquisite fabrics. Her grandmother taught her to sew with mastery and that shows in all items handmade by Pose Atelier.

Every item is an example of classic, feminine, versatile and personalised characteristics that differentiate Pose in the fashion industry for hair accessories.

All the hair accessories on Pose‘s Instagram are a piece of art. Check and follow their account:


Unbox Pose‘s parcel with me!


In total I ordered 6 headbands and 4 hair scrunchies. All of them are my favourites, I cannot choose. It’s impossible! The material, the rhinestones, the colours, the fabric, everything looks and feels so chic!

Pose Atelier uses satin, crepe, velvet and embroidered lace to execute each piece of artwork.

The headbands are so comfortable, that you won’t feel you have them on. I hate tight headbands that make my head hurt after wearing them for a few hours. Pose‘s headbands don’t cause any headache, they fit perfectly on the head without cause pressure on the extremities.

The price normally is around £50 by piece. In my opinion £50 is a fantastic price for the high quality that each piece has. If they would be from a designer brand, such as Dior, Fendi or Versace, they would cost at least £150.

To place an order, just contact Pose on their Instagram. That’s how I did it. I texted Pose on Instagram, then paid through paypal and requested the parcel to be sent to London. Bear in mind that the time of execution of the headbands takes some time, because everything is handmade.

From all the headbands that I ordered, which one is your favourite?

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