Haus Labs by Lady Gaga Triclone Skin Tech Foundation Review

The quest for the perfect foundation continues. Upon trying several foundations throughout the year, I still haven’t found the “holy grail” in foundation. Does the new foundation by Lady Gaga ticks all the boxes? Apparently Triclone Skin Tech Foundation by Haus Labs is here to satisfy the most demanding makeup lovers. It looks too good to be true, a foundation that comes in 51 shades and includes skincare ingredients formulated to improve skin texture. I had to prove it for myself! Keep reading to discover if I have found or not the “holy grail”.

If there is a celebrity that we all expect to see in a new makeup character overnight, is surely Lady Gaga. Lady Gaga is the queen of extravagant looks, but also sophisticated ones that makes us fall in love with. No wonder, when Haus Labs by Lady Gaga announced the so long awaited Triclone Skin Tech Foundation, makeup lovers worldwide started to express their excitement. After launching their amazing eyeshadow palettes over the last years, it was time for Haus Labs to show they are in the makeup industry to impress and innovate.

In September when Skin Tech Foundation was released, several influencers raved that this was the best foundation they have tried. I was intrigued. Could this foundation become my everyday skin base since my favourite Maestro Fusion by Giorgio Armani has been discontinued? I didn’t think twice and ordered a “Lady Gaga” Foundation.


The makeup trend nowadays is about products that hydrate, nourish and enhance skin’s natural glow. Following the trend, Haus Labs has created an unique foundation formula with:

  • Patent-Pending Fermented Arnica that aims to reduce redness and irritation, even-out skin tone and create a shield against environmental damage;
  • Patent-Pending BioFerment 7 Complex with antioxidant properties to boost skin’s natural levels of hydration;
  • IntelllZen 7 Complex that consists in a mixture of medicinal herbs to soothe and heal skin.

Triclone Foundation promises to brighten skin whilst giving a natural finish. The medium coverage buildable foundation is free of fragrance, talc, PEG toxic ingredients, being suitable for acne prone or sensitive skin.

Longwear and made in Korea, Triclone Foundation seems to have the right ingredients to awaken tired skin and promote a healthy skin radiance .


Haus Labs did an amazing job in creating 51 shades that suit every skin tone. From the most fair skin tone to the darkest, no one was excluded.

They are categorized in six groups:

  • Fair;
  • Light;
  • Light Medium;
  • Medium;
  • Medium Deep;
  • Deep.

Each group has three undertones:

  • Warm;
  • Cool;
  • Neutral.

If you think you need to swatch it before buying, let me tell you, that Haus Labs thought about every detail and you can trust their shade finder.

I bought their foundation according to the shade finder provided on Haus Labs website, which I matched to Estee Lauder Double Wear Sheer Matte Foundation (review here) and it worked perfectly. Despite Estee Lauder Double Wear Sheer Foundation lacks the finish I desired, it has however the perfect shade for my skin tone. In Estee Lauder Sheer Matte Foundation, I am a 4N1 and the Haus Labs shade finder matched it to their shade 300 Medium Neutral.


Before and after of applying Haus Labs Triclone Foundation

When I tried Skin Tech Foundation for the first time on my hand, I noticed once I blend it, that it leaves a luminous effect and that made me apprehensive, because luminous skin bases tend to leave my skin more oily. Still, I was decided to make it work. I applied it with and without primer. With primer it worked much better, but unfortunately after 6 hours, my t-zone was oily.

Although my skin became oily, I cannot deny the beautiful finish this foundation has. I just applied one layer and my skin was glowing naturally. I didn’t even need to apply a highlighter. By looking at the upper picture, you can see how my skin looks even and healthy.

They advise to apply the foundation with clean fingertips, but in my opinion works much better with a foundation brush.

Even though my t-zone got oily after 6 hours, my skin didn’t react at all and it felt comfortable and super lightweight. The foundation it’s easily buildable and it blends as if it’s part of your skin. Would I advice this foundation for everyday and for oily skin? Yes, I would, but with a trick: applying just one pump of foundation mixed with a matte moisturiser. I have been using it everyday and the moment I put it on, I feel my skin fresh and nourished. I would definitely say Haus Labs Triclone Foundation stays in place longer than Estee Lauder Double Wear Sheer Longwear Foundation.

Something worth mentioning is the pump of Haus Labs Foundation bottle. It’s easy, practical and gets the right amount with just one pump, not less, not more.

Haus Labs
by Lady Gaga
Triclone Skin Tech Foundation – £48

Regarding the price, I would say it’s a pricey foundation that with shipping from USA, becomes even more expensive. I paid £10 more for the shipping to UK. By the price, £48 plus £10 of shipping, I would say this is a luxury foundation.



Haus Labs Triclone is a fantastic foundation with skincare benefits that keeps skin moisturized. However, it still isn’t the “holy grail” I’m looking for on an everyday foundation. If you have normal to dry skin, this foundation will be perfect for you.

I wonder if maybe my makeup trick of last week, mixing it with water and powder (article here) would make the foundation work better on my skin.

Overall, Lady Gaga’s foundation has a unique texture that can not be compared to any other foundation that I have tried so far. The luminous texture and the wide range of shades are quite impressive.

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  1. I like the finish this foundation provides, your skin looks beautiful with a very natural glow and it sounds quite long lasting as well. I just wished it was available to try and shop in Spain. Thank you for sharing this great review!

    1. When it becomes available, give it a try. I reckon it’s your type of foundation 😉

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