The Best Halloween Party in Europe: Bloody Sexy Halloween

Halloween is more than a costume party. Halloween is an open gate to a wild world of creativity craving to find its way out. Choose to be a “skull”, a bloody zombie, a sexy Harley Quinn, be whoever you want, as long as you make sure to have fun whilst being creative. In the best halloween party in Europe, everyone is ready to let creativity fly and have fun until the dawn comes. This year I came to Bloody Sexy Halloween, the best halloween party in Europe, that lasts for three days, where one costume gets to be the winner of €800 and the dj’s are set to make sure you have the wildest and best time of your life!

In Prague, Czech Republic, there’s a party that takes place every year, a party that brings people from all over the world. Halloween in Prague is a catwalk of an endless halloween costumes and people seem to know that fun never sleeps. I came to the best halloween party in Europe and of course, I have to share with you my experience.


Bloody Sexy Halloween takes place in the luxurious and spacious Sasazu, in Prague. The halloween party lasts for 3 nights and each night one person with the best halloween costume, gets the chance to win €800. Regardless who wins or not, one thing is certain, everyone is dressed up and ready to enjoy until the night ends.

The finalists of best halloween costume on Saturday

The finalists of best costume were so creative. One costume that I would never imagine possible, was Ms Popcorn, her hair and outfit looked like popcorn and in her bag she was carrying popcorn, just phenomenal! The winner, which I found out won last year too, had a scarecrow costume.


I had follow Bloody Sexy Halloween Instagram page, since the event started in 2009, but only this year, I finally had the chance to join this big halloween party.

The party started on Thursday night and it lasted until Saturday night: 3 nights of pure fun. In each night, the party started at 9pm and it finished by 5am. I missed Thursday night, but I made sure to compensate on Friday and on Saturday.

What I really liked about the event is that includes different type shows, so it doesn’t get boring with only dj’s playing. One of the shows that grabbed everyone’s attention, was the laser light show (picture above on the right). Bloody Sexy Halloween keeps you distracted from the beginning until the end. If you like halloween, this is a party you cannot miss it.

Besides all the fun, I met people from Spain, Portugal, Russia, UK, Czech Republic, meaning Bloody Sexy Halloween is an international party.


If you never been or heard of Bloody Sexy Halloween, now you know about the biggest and sexiest halloween event in Europe. I had lots of fun with my halloween costumes, especially on Saturday, where I had the opportunity to do my husband’s makeup as a zombie priest. We enjoyed so much, that I know we will never forget 2022’s halloween in Prague.

Hope to see you next year!

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  1. This party looks and sounds like a great place to celebrate Halloween! Fancy dress parties are always fun but this one is on another level. Thank you for sharing your experience!

    1. It was lots of fun! Thank you for reading and commenting ❤️

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