5 Halloween Makeup Looks

It’s halloween weekend and if you still don’t have an idea of what halloween makeup you should go for, I’m here to help. I suggest 5 halloween makeup looks that will put you into halloween mode. Let the fun began!

It’s halloween time and most of us, leave everything for last minute. If you didn’t have time to think about a halloween look, here are 5 looks that can give you some inspiration.


Clown halloween makeup look from Atarah Mayhew

Atarah Mayhew is a famous Youtuber for shorts. She does beautiful makeup and her short videos on YouTube are the best. This look that she did for halloween, I think it’s easy to recreate and it’s a different style of joker makeup for halloween. You can skip the covered-up eyebrows and the orange outer lining on the eyes, to make it easier.


I think Shriek from Venom 2 is an easy halloween look to achieve. The trick here to make it scary, more than the contact lens she wears, it’s the wig. The wig, a black lipstick and the scars will definitely transform you into a spooky halloween character. To do quick scars for halloween use rigid collodion from Mehron. Watch the video bellow to learn how to recreate scars with rigid collodion.


The picture above is an example of a practical, yet original, devil makeup for halloween. Half face with makeup on as a devil, it’s another last minute halloween look that I would suggest. This is an idea that will inspire my halloween look for tomorrow. Check my instagram on the next days to see how I look like with this makeup on.


I had this idea in mind for a long time this year, since I bought the eyeshadow palette from Gelina Cosmetics “Northern Lights”. (check article bellow).


It’s true that this unicorn halloween makeup is not easy to do, but the positive side is that it doesn’t need any special effect makeup products. You can recreate this look, with just some colourful eyeshadows you have it at home. The white base for the teeth, it can be bought in any supermarket on the special shelf they always add in halloween week.

Eyeshadow palette “Northern Lights” from Gelina Cosmetics

The eyeshadows colours, I used to get the unicorn halloween look were: glacier, electric, astral, magnetic, enchanting, sublime and spirits.

If you purchase for the first time at Gelina Cosmetics, enjoy their 15% discount on first orders.

If you purchased before, then use my discount code: MICHELE10 for 10% off.


One of the twin sisters from Gelina Cosmetics, Gee, has an instagram page with facecharts. I didn’t resist when I saw it and I knew I had to recreate this facechart for halloween. Follow their page to get inspired on other looks for halloween:

Wishing everyone a spooky halloween full of fun!

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  1. You are so talented with makeup! You always create the most amazing looks! This Gelina Cosmetics palette really works well to create this kind of looks.

    1. Thank you Blanca❤️

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