How To Style Zara Paperbag Jeans

Comfortable and versatile, paperbag jeans are a “multi-task” jeans that any woman should have in the wardrobe. Simply with a shirt and trainers or with a blazer and heels to elevate the style, paperbag jeans are a must-have. I got two pairs of paperbag jeans from Zara and I was surprised until now, I never owned one before. They’re my favourite jeans at the moment, hence I thought of showing how they can be styled for different occasions.

Mom, skinny, flared jeans, we all know them, but what about paperbag jeans? Right at the beginning of Zara autumn collection, I found these jeans and I wonder why I didn’t have one pair at least in my wardrobe, when they are so cosy and can be styled in different ways. For a casual or an elegant chic style, truth is paperbag jeans are irresistibly fashionable. If you still don’t own a pair of paperbag jeans, let me convince you to get one. I show you 4 styles that can be worn from daytime until night-time.


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Either for work or for a night out, a shirt with paperbag jeans is the easiest way to style it. For work or for a casual look, this outfit can be worn with flat shoes and at night-time for a dinner or drinks, the flat shoes can be swapped to heels, to give a sophisticated look.

The secret is to accessorize paperbag jeans, according to the occasion.


picture source: pinterest

For autumn and winter, a sweater is the cosiest piece of clothing to use with the paperbag jeans. On the picture above, they get beautifully trendy when styled with the right accessories: an elegant belt, bag and shoes. As the previous style, here you can change between flat and heel shoes also.

To make this style warmer for winter, the sweater can be styled with a shirt inside and for extra warmth, a boyfriend blazer cut can be added too, which will help to uplift the outfit.


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Jeans without a blazer, is like a butterfly without wings! I went extreme with this comparison, but the truth is any pair of jeans become gracefully more stylish when are combined with a blazer.

With the paperbag jeans, as soon as a blazer is added, the outfit transforms into a fashionista trend-setter look.


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For a nigh-out or a lunch with friends, a crop top is the way to go, to create a modern attractive style. To elevate the look, high-heels are a must! What I love about this style, is that it looks elegant and effortless.

The best of paperbag jeans is that you can eat as much as you want, your belly will never show with these jeans on, because they’re loose and don’t highlight the belly area. For this reason, they fit everyone and any size. Anyone can wear crop tops whilst wearing paperbag jeans.


How I style my paperbag jeans, both from Zara

I have been wearing paperbag jeans for any occasion: travelling, go to the supermarket, a special dinner with my man, a meetup with friends, you name it! They are the best investment in jeans I did over the last 2 years. They are so versatile! One of the styles I like the most, is when I use them with a denim shirt and it looks like a jumpsuit (more comfortable, because I don’t have to take it all to go restroom). What style do you like the most?


picture source: pinterest

Have I convinced you so far to own a pair of paperbag jeans or not? If not, let’s add more reasons why you should: they can be used in any season, they can be used with flats, heels, ankle boots, with belt or no belt, they can be placed at the waist or bellow the waist, they can be rolled up at the hem. No matter how you wear them, they always look cool, trendy and glamourous.

Zara paperbag jeans
(there are more colours)

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  1. I love « paperbag » trousers and have been wearing them for a while – so flattering and versatile.

    1. I wish I knew about them long before. Thank you for commenting Sheree x

      1. Pleasure Michele

  2. I have the exactly same jeans from Zara and I have to confess that it’s been difficult to combine them! I love the idea of casual jeans with a blazer! It looks great! I also have a pink blazer very similar to the one that’s in the inspiration picture, so I’m definitely going to try both pieces together! Thank you for the ideas!

    1. I probably never bought them before, exactly because of that. I thought it was hard to combine them, but after doing the research for the article, I understood that they’re a multi-tasking and must-have jeans. Thank you for your positive feedback 😊

  3. This is a jeans style I still haven’t introduced into my wardrobe. They look really good on you! I must try a pair because they look really cool and are a very versatile piece. Thank you for all this style inspo!

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