5 Perfumes I Became Addicted in 2022

Enigmatic, exotic or sensual, are some of the adjectives that could describe the fragrances I became addicted to in 2022. There are five perfumes that have been like a tattoo on my skin, that I could not live without this year. Hermes and Giorgio Armani, are some of the designer houses that seduced me with their fragrances. Because, Christmas is getting closer and soon it will be time to start buying some Christmas gifts, I thought of suggesting five perfumes as a gift, which are the five perfumes I became addicted to.

An outfit is only complete when you add a perfume to it. Perfume is the invisible accessory that creates a signature trail when you pass by. You might look dazzling, but when a perfume is alluring, everyone compliments it, women or men, more than complimenting clothes! That is the main reason why perfumes are the most appealing gift when Christmas is around the corner. The five fragrances I have been using in 2022 are a showstopping. They are the type of fragrances that fit different occasions and leave no one indifferent. If you’re looking for a Christmas gift or just a new perfume, let me show you the five scents that took me into a luscious olfactory journey in 2022.


Twilly d’Hermes

Before I describe Twilly d’Hermes, let’s just admire the bottle with a silk ribbon that represents the famous twilly scarf of Hermes. Such an elegant bottle! Twilly d’Hermes eau de parfum is an ode to the modern woman who is independent, sensual and knows what she wants.

The scent is a warm and floral oriental combination that includes ginger, tuberose and sandalwood notes.

It’s the type of perfume that when you spray it for the first time, it can be overwhelming, but once it blends into the skin, it creates a magical and mysterious scent. I like this fragrance for a night-out or a special occasion. Twilly d’Hermes it will make you stand out amongst the crowd.

Twilly d’Hermes
Eau de Parfum

from £51 up to £113


Valentino Voce Viva

Seductive, feminine and confident, that’s how I would describe a woman that wears Valentino Voce Viva. No wonder, Valentino has chosen Lady Gaga as the face of this perfume.

The symbiosis between orange blossom, bergamot, gardenia, crystal moss and vanilla make this floral woody fragrance a temptation for the senses.

Either for everyday or just for special occasions, you won’t pass without being noticed whilst wearing Valentino Voce Viva.

Valentino Voce Viva Eau de Parfum
from £59 up to £114


Armani Prive Cuir Noir

Cuir Noir is a sophisticated woody scent with an exotic touch creating an unique olfactory melody suitable for the most demanding connoisseurs in perfumes.

The beauty of Cuir Noir it’s defined by the leather smell of black birch tree and the sensuality of vanilla. It takes you into a journey of an unforgettable Arabian night.

Giorgio Armani Prive collection is my favourite, if I compare with private collections from other designer houses, such as Dior or Chanel. Giorgio Armani Prive is a luxury composition of delicate perfumes that represent the best fine ingredients in the world. If you read my last year’s post about perfumes (link at the end of this article), you know that Armani Prive Rouge Malachite Eau de Parfum, along with Thé Yulong Eau de Toilette, are a must-have in my perfume collection. This year I added Cuir Noir to exude elegance with a hint of eccentricity on the days I feel empowered to take important decisions.

Armani Prive Cuir Noir
Eau de Parfum Intense

from £165 up to £236


Giorgio Armani Si Passione

Si Passione from Giorgio Armani is perfect for those sunny summer days that evoke romance and happiness.

Fresh, fruity and floral, Si Passione is the result of jasmine, cedarwood, pink pepper and pear to symbolise a fragile, yet strong woman.

I tried Si Passione a few years ago, but it was this year that I totally fell in love by this radiant fragrance. Maybe my skin changed, since I moved to Tenerife, but the truth is this year when I sprayed myself with Si Passione, it left a trail for days on my skin and on my clothes, making me totally addicted to it.

Giorgio Armani Si Passione Eau de Parfum
from £59 up to £110


Un Jardin Apres La Mousson

Imagine a peaceful garden in India where the sun warms up the soil after the monsoon rains. Un Jardin Après la Mousson ( “a garden after the monsoon” in English) is an exotic eau de toilette submerged in delicate and oriental notes.

The exquisite scent of spices, as cardamom and pepper put together with the freshness of coriander and vetiver, plus the fragrant butterfly ginger, it invigorates every sense of your body.

The collection Un Jardin from Hermes includes six fragrances, each one representing a garden around the world. The whole collection is so good, that if I could I would have all the six fragrances, but since I can’t, then Un Jardin Après La Mousson is the chosen one. Après La Mousson reminds me of a sparkling sunrise with earthy scents that has the power of soothing oneself in a stressful day.

Un Jardin Apres La Mousson
Eau de Toilette

from £67 up to £93


What perfume calls your attention? Are you more into floral or woody fragrances? You can get more perfume suggestions, by clicking on my last year’s article “My Top 5 Perfumes for Her and Him”, right bellow:


Wish you a fragrant week!

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  1. Ahahah I really like this post! I’m a fan of perfumes and currently my top three are Ysl Libre, Carolina Herrera Bad Boy and one that I found recently – Kenzo L’Elixir! I have a long story with Twilly, because the first time I tried it, I absolutely hated it! Then, with time, I started to appreciate the unique scent!

    1. I had the same experience with Twilly. It’s that type of fragrance that the nose gets used to after a while. YSL Libre is a nice fragrance. I need to try Kenzo L’Elixir, thank you for mentioning it 😉

  2. After reading your post I’m really curious to try all the Armani Privé fragrances and Twilly d’ Hermés. I’m a big fan of fragrances, but from all your selection I only tried Sì Passione. This goes to show how many amazing fragrances are available in the beauty market!

    1. So true. It’s impossible to know them all!

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