14 Months Of Nail Art Made By My Nail Technician

Gleaming nails with the most trendy nail art is so in vogue. Nail art has become so popular that in the last years Pinterest has been filled with the most up-to-date manicure trends. Reality is, well polished nails are like a high quality business card! It simply stands out! I took the latest manicure trends from Pinterest to my nail technician in Tenerife and I decided to share with you the last 14 months of amazing nail art she created on my nails.

I have adhered to gel nails manicure 3 years ago. Back then, I was so skeptical to have “fake” nails, but once I saw the end-result, I knew I wanted them to look like that forever. I always liked the manicure I had from the nail technicians I had in London, but 15 months ago when I moved to Tenerife I found a nail technician that transformed my nails into a “Pinterest perfect picture”.

Virginia, my nail technician in Tenerife, is a super talented woman that has been extremely patient when I bring her the craziest ideas I get from Pinterest.

Check and follow her Instagram for glamourous nails ideas.

She impressed me so many times, that I knew I wanted to show you all her work on my nails. I put together all the pictures over the last 14 months of nail art created by her. I hope the pictures bellow will give you some inspiration for your next manicure.

What is your favourite nail art? The picture n.o 9 is my favourite nail art. I love colour, if you follow my Instagram, you already know it 🙂

Before I finish the article, I want to say that gel nails didn’t weaken my nails. I make sure to get enough vitamin D, put hand cream morning and night-time, use household gloves when washing the dishes and have my gel nails redone every 4 weeks, minimum.

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  1. The Mickey nails are so cute! But I have to say that my favorite is 1.! A good nude goes with everything and that black tip is gorgeous!

    1. True, although I cannot resist to colours 😁

  2. All these nail art designs are amazing! Your nail technician is really talented! My favorite designs are number 1, 9 and 12.

    1. Thank you! She’s very talented indeed.

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