The Highlights of My Weekend in Ibiza: Amante Ibiza, Dalt Vila and Navila Hotel

Ibiza is a full package island with stunning beaches, exclusive clubs, fancy parties, a la carte restaurants and unique sightseeing attractions that prove that Ibiza is more than a “party island”. There isn’t much more that I can say about Ibiza, that hasn’t been said before, still I would like to share with you the highlights of my weekend trip to Ibiza. There were three locations I have been at, that you should go too, if you will visit Ibiza. Keep reading to get know better: Amante Ibiza, Dalt Vila and Navila Hotel.

If a perfect day in Ibiza would be described, it would be like this: you wakeup, you look through the window, the sun shines over the beautiful panoramic view, the beach calls you for a dive in its pristine waters, you relax at the beach with a refreshing drink or cocktail, beautiful people are everywhere, you enjoy a sumptuous meal, after you do a “siesta” at the beach and at night, you find a glamourous party with glamourous people. My weekend in Ibiza, two weeks ago, was exactly like that, just perfect! A weekend trip with Friday and Monday included, unfortunately doesn’t give much time to see and do everything in Ibiza, but it does give the chance to enjoy some hidden gems that are a must-visit. I discovered this time in Ibiza, three locations that made me understand that Ibiza is not only a “party island”.

Ibiza is a mix of luxury and picturesque places that are perfectly represented by these three locations: Amante Ibiza, Dalt Vila and Navila Hotel. These locations made my weekend trip to Ibiza more special and beautiful.


The perfect spot in Ibiza to have the best view whilst eating is at Amante Ibiza. This beach restaurant will delight your eyes and stomach at the same time, creating an unforgettable luxury experience. The attentive service, the exquisite food, the crystal clear water and the majestic palm trees are a magical combination that make you feel as if you are living a dream. Besides going for lunch and/or dinner, you can also rent a sunbed or just stay at Amante Ibiza for drinks.

I highly recommend the scallops and the fresh seabass, along with the desserts: creme bruleè on a bed of caramelized banana and lemon sorbet and Amante tiramisu served on a bed of pistacchio cream (pictures bellow).

The restaurant’s location is in Santa Eulalia, so further away from the center of Ibiza, so the best way to get there is taking a taxi. If you’re looking to go there for diner, make a reservation beforehand.


The fortified old town Dalt Vila is the most cozy picturesque village in south of Ibiza. Dalt Vila in Catalan, means upper town in English. The cobblestones streets, the tunnels, the old stairs on top of the city, create an unique atmosphere. The old town is filled with cute shops, restaurants and coffeeshops. You can also visit the Museum of Contemporary Art and the Castle of Ibiza.


Navila Hotel is a historic hotel right in the middle of Dalt Vila decorated with paintings and antiques. The story behind the hotel lays on the painting on the picture above on the left, where a humble girl from a fisherman family dreamed of having a house in the rich area of Dalt Vila. Eventually the dream became true, and her house became Navila Hotel.

Navila Hotel has a sun terrace with an amazing view over Dalt Vila and the harbour. The terrace is spacious and has a romantic atmosphere with the flowers around the pool.

The rooms are decorated as the common areas with paintings and antiques. One of the rooms I would recommend is the one located above next to the pool. The windows have a beautiful view over the pool and to access the room you have to go through a small bridge surrounded by flowers.


Ibiza has so much to do and to visit. You can choose to have a “party holiday” or just relax at the beach. That’s why I like Ibiza so much. I wouldn’t be able to write an article about Ibiza of top places to go, since there are so many beautiful places, but I hope the three locations I mentioned, if you haven’t been there, will inspire your next trip to Ibiza.

I would like to leave a last suggestion regarding food: Kaixo Ibiza, a basque restaurant close to Dalt Vila. The barbeque ribs, the nuestras papas bravas (Kaixo signature cooked potatoes), the tortilla and the torrija are so yummy!

Wishing everyone a happy sunday!

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  1. Great post! I’ve been to Ibiza a couple of times, both for a relaxing weekend and I love the place. The Navila Hotel looks like the perfect place to stay and I must pay a visit to Amante Ibiza next time I visit the island.

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