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Finding a long lasting lipstick can be a challenge, but not with the selection of lipsticks I got in 2022. I finally have matte lipsticks that last forever, are water resistant, hydrate my lips and the colours suit my everyday makeup. I finally got to try Kylie Cosmetics, after so many years that has been in the market, and I was surprised. I also discovered other matte lipsticks that are travelling with me all the time. One of the brands, you already know if you follow my blog, Gelina Cosmetics and the other is from Romania, Huma Beauty. Keep reading to find out more about all of them.

A good lipstick is like having a best friend. Anywhere you go, it follows you. You feel as if your face is naked, if you don’t have it on. The matte lipsticks I purchased this year have become my best friends. I cannot imagine myself travelling without them. Surprisingly, this must be the first time, that I actually invested right in lipsticks. I got perfect nude shades and a red that makes me feel like a “Hollywood star”. Altogether I got in 2022, seven matte lipsticks from three different brands: Kylie Cosmetics, Gelina Cosmetics and Huma Beauty.

Remember that to rock any liquid matte lipstick, lips should be exfoliated and hydrated with a thin layer of lip balm. After, when the lip balm is absorbed, apply only two layers of the liquid matte lipstick, to avoid the lipstick to flake.


The 2 matte lipsticks I got from Kylie Cosmetics
The swatches of my Kylie Cosmetics lipsticks
The 2 shades I purchased of Kylie Cosmetics on my lips

The famous makeup brand of the celebrity Kylie Jenner, has divergent reviews and I was skeptical to try it, until when I was in London Stanstead Airport, back in May, I decided to take a risk and give it a try. I purchased the Matte Lip Kit 301 – Angel. The next day I tried it and I loved it! It was the perfect nude that I was looking for in a while. The lipstick lasted all day and it didn’t feel dry at all. I understood now the hype about Kylie Cosmetics lipsticks.

A few weeks after I was back again to London Stanstead Airport and I didn’t resist to buy another one. This time, I chose Matte Lip Kit 505 – Autumn. It’s also a nude shade, but with peach undertones. I love the fact that the lip kit is sold with the corresponding lip liner, it makes life so much easier.

Kylie Cosmetics Matte Lip Kit – £28


The 3 matte lipsticks I got from Gelina Cosmetics
The swatches of my Gelina Cosmetics lipsticks
The 3 shades I purchased of Gelina Cosmetics on my lips

Gelina Cosmetics is my favourite British brand for eyeshadows. I got to try their eyeshadows last year and I fell in love. I already wrote 3 articles in my blog about their different eyeshadow collections, click here to read them. This time I had the chance to try their liquid matte lipsticks. They are water resistant and don’t transfer at all. I got 3 colours as you can see above: Fauna, Indira and Artemis. From these 3, Fauna is my absolutely favourite lipstick. This is the first totally neutral nude on my lips, that doesn’t make my lips look dull. Fauna suits any makeup I do, simple or extravagant.

The other 2 colours, Indira and Artemis, I wear them more for special occasions. Indira can be described as a barbie pink and Artemis a dark pink with a plum undertone.

Gelina Cosmetics Matte Lipsticks – £8.49


The 2 matte lipsticks I got from Huma Beauty
The swatches of my Huma Beauty lipsticks
The 2 shades I purchased of Huma Beauty on my lips

Huma Beauty is a Romanian brand, that I got to know when I went to Romania in May for a wedding. My friend, who is a makeup artist, did my makeup and use the colour 02, a nude pink mauve, from Huma Beauty. By the end of that day, I liked so much how the lipstick stayed on without moving, that I decided to purchase it, along with the red colour 09, which reminds me of Marilyn Monroe iconic red lipstick. These 2 lipsticks follow me wherever I go and the red, colour 09, is the best I tried so far, even when compared with the red I got last year from Anastasia Beverly Hills, see article below:

Huma Beauty
Matte Lipsticks – £10


The 7 matte lipsticks altogher

From the 7 matte lipsticks, five have become my “inseparable best friends”: Angel, Autumn, Fauna, Colour 02 and 09. What’s your favourite?

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  1. Such a great selection of matte lipsticks! My favorite one is Kylie Cosmetics in Autumn. I’ve always been curious to try this brand and now even more so! I love matte lipsticks but I don’t wear them often because my lips are always extremely dry and they get even drier and uncomfortable when I wear a matte lipstick. I still haven’t found the matte lipstick that doesn’t dry my lips.

    1. It can be drying indeed. My trick is apply a thick moisturiser on the lips and let it be absorbed while I’m doing my eye and face makeup. It always works. Kylie lipsticks are really good. You should try it. Thank you for reading and commenting ❤️

      1. I should try this trick! I apply lip balms or lips primers but I guess they are not moisturising enough for my very dry lips.

      2. To apply a liquid matte lipstick, it’s always better applying before a Lip Balm rather than a Lip primer. I hope this trick works better for you.

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