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One of the makeup brands, I have been addicted to is Gelina Cosmetics. The British brand has launched liquid eyeshadows addressed to all makeup lovers that crave for multi chrome eyeshadows. I wrote before, here in the blog, about their eyeshadows palettes, Twin Soul and Northern Lights. Will the new liquid eyeshadows be as good as the eyeshadow palettes? Let’s find out.

The luxury, yet affordable makeup brand Gelina Cosmetics is here to slay! This is my third article about Gelina Cosmetics and no, they didn’t pay me. I just naturally love the quality and price of their products. Read the articles bellow, if you still don’t know Gelina Cosmetics.



Their most recent launch, Liquid Stardust Eyeshadow, has left me hooked.

The multichrome liquid eyeshadows have an incredible pigment that reflects light and change colour in different angles.

I got 4 shades out of the 6 shades they have. Let’s have fun, shall we?


Swatch of the four shades I got from Gelina Cosmetics Liquid Stardust Eyeshadow

The intensity of colour from Liquid Stardust is an art work that will leave any makeup lover addicted to.

The 4 shades I got: Hydra, Lyra, Hercules, Orion, inspired me to play and be creative.

The 4 eyeshadows I got:

  • Hydra has a green, blue and turquoise hue.
  • Lyra has a yellow, gold and light green hue.
  • Hercules has a blue, purple and pink hue.
  • Orion has a purple, pink, rose gold and gold hue. 

The liquid eyeshadows dry quickly once applied, meaning they have to be blended quickly. They don’t crease or crack. They can be applied just once or can be worked to multiple layers to create a “Lady Gaga Chromatic Ball” look. Have a glance at the looks I created.

Looks I created with Gelina Cosmetics Liquid Stardust Eyeshadow

The eyeshadows I used and how I applied them in each picture above:
1. Orion blended and layered multiple times at the inner corner of the eyes;
2. Lyra blended just once at the middle of eye;
3. Hydra applied once without blending as an eyeliner;
4. Orion in the corner of the eye and Hercules at the outer corner, both applied several times without being blended (applied directly and after being dried, another layer was applied)

If you are still skeptical about these eyeshadows, let me show you a video that shows the high quality and pigment that Liquid Stardust are made of.

Remember that all Gelina Cosmetics is vegan and cruelty-free.

Swatches of the 4 shades I bought of Liquid Stardust


From the six liquid eyeshadows, there were two I didn’t buy: Cassiopeia and Pegasus. Pegasus was sold out when I purchase the other eyeshadows. I reckon Pegasus is a multi-task eyeshadow that can be applied on top of any eyeshadow, transforming them instantly in a multichrome shade.


The Liquid Stardust Eyeshadows are a playground of colours that enable anyone to be creative and paint eyes as an artist. They can be used as eyeshadow, eyeliner or even on the lips, on top of any lipstick. You can even blend them together and create a new colour. I love the multi-dimension of what it can be created with these eyeshadows.

Gelina Cosmetics Liquid Stardust
£9.99 each

If you purchase for the first time at Gelina Cosmetics, enjoy their 15% discount on first orders.

If you purchased before, then use my discount code: MICHELE10 for 10% off.


Liquid eyeshadows are a perfect way to do your eye makeup quickly, since they can be applied with fingers and in one step get an eye-catching look. I’m happy I added Liquid Stardust to my liquid eyeshadow collection. My favourite shade is Orion. It already inspired me to create totally different looks, either for an everyday look or an extravagant for night-time.

At the moment Gelina Cosmetics is my favourite brand for eyeshadows. They have exactly the same high quality as important high-end brands such as: Natasha Denona, Pat Macgrath, Stila, Linda Hallberg Cosmetics and Danessa Myricks, but for half the price. If you haven’t tried Gelina Cosmetics eyeshadows so far, I highly recommend you to do so.

If you like liquid eyeshadows, read the article bellow.


Wishing you a colourful weekend with happy vibes.

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  1. These liquid eyeshadows look and sound amazing to create bold eye makeup looks. Orion is also my favorite hue.

    1. Orion is stunning, no doubt!

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