Fashion Trend Alert: Cropped Blazers

A simple outfit becomes sophisticated as soon as you add a blazer on it, hence blazers are a must-have wardrobe piece. If you think blazers can make you look too serious, though, then it’s time to add a cropped blazer in your wardrobe. Cropped blazers are the fashion trend that will make your outfits look bold, funky and yet stylish and chic. Celebrities such as Hailey Bieber and Kristen Stewart have been fans of this style. Let me show you how a cropped blazer can jazz it up your outfits in any season.

I love blazers in any version: classic cut, straight cut, oversized, double-breasted and now the latest, cropped. Cropped blazers are the irreverent classy item my wardrobe needed. They are a multitask fashion piece that can be used either in spring or winter.

If you’re concern a cropped blazer will highlight your tummy, I have a solution for you. This is a fashion trend that suits every body type

Let’s check how a cropped blazer can be used by everyone and in any season.


picture source: pinterest

The short sleeve, cropped blazers are perfect for summer. It’s a new way of adding glamour without being overheated by the sun.

A&F Linen-Blend Short-Sleeve Cropped Blazer – £31.44

picture source: pinterest

For spring, you can wear a cropped blazer on its own or with just a top and rolled up sleeves as Hailey Bieber and Kristen Stewart have on the picture above. It’s such a practical way to create an eccentric look! I love it when it’s combined with a boyfriend cut trousers as they’re wearing on the picture, and it doesn’t matter if it’s with trainers or heels.

H&M Cropped Blazer – £17

picture source: pinterest

With a cropped white t-shirt as shown above, elegance and simplicity are combined beautifully.

Zara Cropped Blazer – £49.99

If you’re concerned that a cropped blazer will highlight your tummy, you can wear it with a long shirt. The asymmetry between the shirt and the blazer are ideal for a casual chic look.

picture source: pinterest
Zara Cropped Blazer – £49.99


picture source: pinterest

Cropped blazers are also versatile for winter. With a sweater or jumper underneath, you’ll be warm and looking trendy and smart. If you wear it with a long sweater, you can wear it out, without tucking into the pants.

picture source: pinterest

H&M Twill Cropped Blazer – £24.99

picture source: pinterest

A cropped shirt or hoodie underneath is also a great option to style a cropped blazer. If you live in a cold country, add some layers, by putting a jumper on top of a shirt.

To create an irreverent style for winter, wear the cropped blazer with a long shirt and a cropped jumper on top, altogether. The asymmetry between the long shirt and the cropped jumper and blazer, will make your outfit stand out amongst the boring outfits everyone wears in winter.

Mango Cropped Blazer – £69.99


Me wearing the cropped blazer co-ord from Asos

I have been loving this trend and couldn’t resist to add some new cropped blazers to my wardrobe, as the one on the photo above. If you like the co-ord on the photo and would like to buy it, click here.

Have you bought so far a cropped blazer?


Have a great weekend.

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  1. Cropped blazers are such a cool piece! I love the idea of pairing it with a long shirt, it looks equal parts chic and modern. Thank you for sharing these style tips!

    1. Exactly, they’re a cool piece to have in the wardrobe. Thank you for your feedback 😊

  2. I love to see you with a cropped blazer! Unfortunately I don’t like to see them on myself! I just think I have such a long torso and every time I try one, I just don’t like the result! But honestly, they look great on you!!

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