The Luxurious Spa of Therme Bucharest

Enjoy the last weeks of summer in the amazing Thermae of Bucharest. I went to Romania last week and in Bucharest I found the perfect symbiosis between fun and rest. You can either choose to relax in the many saunas or have some adrenaline in the water slides. Either way, you will be detoxing from all the stress you might be exposed in your daily life. If you never heard of Therme Bucharest, then you need to plan a trip to this luxurious spa with several wellness and water treatments.

Most of us, end up doing the same thing over and over again in every holiday we spend abroad. We go to the beach, sunbathe, go to a fancy restaurant, go to a water park, spend the day at a spa. What if we could do everything in one single day? Why not have it all, fun and leisure, especially in the last weeks of summer in Europe? In Bucharest, Romania, there is a paradise accessible to everyone, filled with luxurious gardens, pools, beach, saunas, jacuzzi, etc.

Last Thursday I had the chance to chill in the beautiful and exotic Thermae of Bucharest. I had never been in a huge thermae complex like this where leisure includes all the sort of activities from a spa, waterpark, wellness center and a restaurant too. I definitely zoned out from the technological stressful life we are normally surrounded by. Most of these type of thermae are in the Nordic countries, so when you come from a Mediterranean country like me and visit the Therme Bucharest, it feels like being a little girl watching snow falling for the first time.

Therme Bucharest is an experience that any travel lover cannot miss it.


The advantage of Therme Bucharest is that you can access a luxury spa for a low price. There are 3 packages: Galaxy, Palm and Elysium.

Galaxy will give you access to the 16 themed water slides, including the longest indoor water slide system in Europe. Prices vary from £10 up to £18 according to how many hours you want to buy.

Palm will enable you to relax in the beautiful botanical gardens, whilst having a cocktail in the heated pools. It includes the Galaxy package too. Price start from £12 up to £20.

Elysium gives you full access to the 10 themed saunas, infrared light beds, mineral pools, urban beach and the luxury Mango Tree Restaurant. This package includes all the above. Price vary in between £16 and £24.


The vibrant blue of the heated pools with the vivid green of the botanical gardens create a perfect oasis. I loved being in the pool, warm and seated at the pool bar drinking a pina colada. Yes, you can be in the pool, order drinks whenever you want, because they have a bar inside the pool.

The Therme is open until 11pm , but drinks have to be ordered by 10pm.

They also have mineral pools and a selenium and zinc pool to boost the immune system.

The special pool bar of selenium and zinc is the luxury spa experience you cannot miss. Selenium and zinc are important elements to fight against aging, stimulate fertility and reduce oxidative stress. Again, you can be in the pool and order drinks whilst you are inside the pool.

If you prefer a total summer vibe, you can choose the beach pool: Sands of Therme Beach.

There are exercise activities throughout the day in each pool that can be followed in the program they have daily on the screen.


All the saunas represent a location and are decorated as such. For example, the Himalaya Sauna is made by Himalaya salt bricks, the Alhambra Sauna has the Moroccan inspired decor visible in the south of Spain and Amazon Sauna has posters on the walls that represent the Amazon trees.

I really liked the Himalaya Sauna by its Halo Mint treatment which improves immediately breathing, Hollywood Sauna by its wide screen with documentaries or lounge music and Bavaria Sauna with its powerful steam.

Each sauna has a schedule for a specific treatment that can be asked at the reception or visualised at the screens spread around the thermae facility.



The Salt Library

Besides pools and saunas, you can lay down in one of the beds in The Salt Library to read a book or just take a nap. The Salt Library is named after the Himalaya salt bricks that the area is made of, as you can see in the picture.

Another option to treat and relax your body is to lay down at the infrared light bed area. The infrared light treatment is known to regenerate and repair the body cells.

The luxurious Thermae of Bucharest offers seven different type of body treatments/massages. I didn’t try it, but from what I read, I would try the Bamboo or Hot Stone massage. The price of the massage vary between £30 and £40 and it lasts 1 hour.


The longest indoor water slide system in Europe

Why not complementing leisure with some adrenaline? If you like to have fun in waterparks, you will certainly enjoy the water slides in the Therme Bucharest. They have slides for any age.

The longest indoor slide, on the picture above, it’s the one I had the more fun. It feels like you’re rollerskating with the pool float.

I also had a rush of adrenaline in the racing slide, where you go down the water slide without a pool float at a high speed.

The only thing I didn’t like were the queues, as usual in any waterpark.


The Sunset Lounge

The luxury experience continues throughout the three restaurants: The Mango Tree Restaurant, Humboldt Restaurant and Greens Restaurant.

Next to The Mango Tree Restaurant, there is The Sunset Lounge designed to be the prime area to watch the sunset whilst eating or drinking.

I ate at the Greens Restaurant, located at the Galaxy area and the food was delicious. You can order a fresh steak or go at the dessert area to have a just-made warm crepe with Nutella.


Towels, slippers and robes are paid. It costs around £10. You can always take your own to avoid extra costs. You can go dressed in a swim suit or bikini. There are plenty of changing rooms, showers and toilets. At the reception, they provide a watch which is the automatic key for the lockers and depending of what package you get, it will enable you to enter the corresponding area.

Overall, this was an experience I will always remember and I hope to repeat, hopefully for a full day and not only for a few hours.

Wishing everyone a joyful and sunny (if possible) September.

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  1. This Spa of Therme in Bucharest reminds me of a very famous spa in Andorra called Caldea. I’ve been there a couple of times and the experience is quite similar, but much more expensive! I went to the Széchenyi Baths in Budapest few years ago but it’s a total different concept. Thank you so much for sharing your experience!

    1. I just googled “Caldea” and you’re right is similar to Therme Bucharest, the only thing that maybe is different are the water slides. I never been to Budapest and I want to go so badly, if I will I’ll check the Széchenyi Baths. Thank you for reading ❤️

  2. This spa looks the perfect place to decompress from everything! I’m going to add it to my list of places that I want to go! Thank you for a lovely post! I’m jealous ahahahah

    1. If you go, take me with you! I’d love to go again! Thank you for reading and commenting ❤️

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