Revlon Oil Absorbing Roller

If someone tells you a roll-on can get rid of an oily t-zone, would you believe it? What if it’s really possible that in just seconds a volcanic stone roller can mattify an oily face! Too good to be true, right? I put it to the test the new Revlon Oil Absorbing Roller and I could not believe what I was seeing. Come with me to check the results.

When I was scrolling Tik Tok reels and I saw one where a facial roller was able to absorb all the excess oil on the face, I knew I had to try it. I always had oily skin and even if I follow the oily skincare regimen, oil-control skincare in the morning and hydrating at night, truth is in a long day my oils always come through no matter what. So would this roller magically get rid of my oily t-zone? I didn’t think twice. I ordered it straight away and put it to the test.


Revlon Oil Absorbing Roller packaging
Revlon Oil Absorbing Roller
A close-up picture of Revlon Oil Absorbing Roller
To clean Revlon Oil Absorbing Roller, the volcanic stone can be removed

Revlon Oil Control On-The-Go is an innovative reusable facial roller made by a volcanic stone that mattifies instantly oily skin. The roller is small, easy to carry in the bag and it can be used anytime, with or without makeup on.

Blotting papers next to this invention, become obsolete and environment unfriendly.

How to use it:

  • To use this Oil-Control Roll-on you just have to take the cap off and roll it along the areas that are shiny and in a few seconds, your face becomes matte.

How to reuse it:

  • Once the roller gets dirty, it’s super easy to clean it. You just have to twist the top part, as picture above shows it, and wash it with warm water and gentle soap. Let it dry overnight.


My face before and after using Revlon Oil Absorbing Roller

Revlon Oil Absorbing Roller is a petit miracle that I wish it existed years ago.

Whoever has an oily t-zone needs this small face gadget. The volcanic stone feels soft to the touch, exactly as velvet, and it feels really comfortable on the skin when rolling it over the face.

I had makeup on when I used the roller. It absorbed beautifully my oily t-zone as you can see in the upper picture. Despite my foundation was still on, the absorbing roller removed just a tiny bit of it, leading me to touch up my face with a bit of powder, nothing major anyway.

It was easy to wash and remove any oils and makeup that were on the volcanic stone.

The only con I would point out in this product is the cap. The cap that covers the stone doesn’t stay closed, which means that if you’re carrying the roller in your bag, the cap will come off easily and it will be in contact with anything in your bag, helping bacteria to proliferate. Aside from that, Revlon Oil Control On-The-Go Roll-on is a must have product for oily skin.

Revlon Oil Absorbing Roller


Video of me using Revlon Oil Absorbing Roller


I think Revlon Oil Absorbing Roller is the facial gadget of the century! It’s super affordable and so easy to use! My face can stay matte all day, no more shiny forehead on the photos. 🙂

I saw some unbranded rollers like this in Ali Express, but I don’t know if they are effective as this one from Revlon.

Have you try it?

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  1. This oil absorbing roller sounds like a very effective gadget to keep in the handbag for last minute makeup emergencies. Thank you for sharing!

    1. It really is a good gadget to have it in the bag. Thank you for reading and commenting❤️

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