In summer season you see more people going gym and starting a diet regimen, but is that really necessary to change your body into a summer body? I have learned that consistency and understanding your body is key to a fit body, all year. Keep reading to understand how simple changes, can make a difference in achieving a fit summer body, rather than going gym or starving for a diet.

Before starting a diet or an exercise routine, consult a specialist that understands your body needs and can guide you into a safe routine that will lead to consistent results and will boost your energy levels.

Sculpting your body according to your body structure can be tricky, if you don’t know what your body needs. Getting a summer body can be easy when you realise what type of food and exercise suits you the best. When I say summer body, don’t think I’m referring to a skinny body. We all have different body structures.

It’s important to be realistic about the shape that suits your body. If you tend to be curvy, respect the curves of your body. When I say summer body, I mean a healthy body that is toned up through a balanced workout routine.

Throughout the years, I always asked myself, why was it always hard for me to have a flat belly. I’m a skinny woman, 5.5 feet tall and 8.3 stones, but my belly was never flat. I never understood, until last year I finally learned the key to reduce my bloated stomach and get my whole body toned up. Let me tell you what helped me, because it might help you too.


How my body changed from last year until now

One of the things that really changed my life, was going to an appointment of kinesiology.

Kinesiology is a natural medicine practise that identifies not only physical bodily problems, but also disturbances related to the energy flow in the body. 

How did it changed my life? I learned finally that my body doesn’t tolerate fruit and dairy, so my bloated stomach was mainly caused by that. It’s true that due to my thyroid problems, I tend to have some lower belly. Hormonal problems always cause your lower belly to be protruding. However, even after having my thyroid function under control, I still had a bloated stomach.

Kinesiology was a game changer for me. It’s been almost a year since I had the appointment. Avoiding fruit and dairy has helped me to reduce my belly and the stomach cramps I use to have after eating. On the picture above, between last and this year, you can see how my body changed.

Learn more about kinesiology, from the article I wrote previously, down bellow:



All the supplements I take at the moment.

Supplements can be really important when you want to get a summer body. They can balance your body, by restoring any lack of vitamins.

From the kinesiology appointment I was advised to take a few supplements. From the 4 supplements I was advised, I kept taking 3 of them until now:

The other 2 supplements that I’m taking, from my own initiative are:

Liquid Chlorophyll is also available in tablets.

All the supplements I take are vegan and lactose free.

Read my article about anti-age supplements:



A toast with jam is a healthy way of sugar intake

We often think that going into diet is a synonym for starving, but that’s not accurate.

First of all, you should never starve when you want to loose weight. I truly believe that starving will lead to cravings that will make recover all the weight you lost.

For example, I decided once to cut sugar out of my diet. I was feeling miserable and craving for sugar all the time. At the end, it didn’t work and my bloated belly was still the same.

I tried diets like intermittent fasting or keto diet, but they didn’t work at all for me. Why? I have thyroid problems that require a different diet and also because I didn’t know until my kinesiology appointment, that fruits and dairy were harmful to me.

Remember that you need a specialist to tell you what you can or not eat, because if not, you will be thinking that you’re doing the right thing and instead, you’re causing more damage than good. For example, my type of body, needs more protein and specific vegetables such as asparagus, broccoli or carrots. Tomato, onions, mushrooms and beans, upset my stomach. Perhaps you have the type of body that needs more fiber and less protein.

Finding out what you can or not eat, is crucial to get a toned summer body!

What I have learned according to my body, is that I need 3 meals a day and not several throughout the day. I did that diet too of eating several times a day and in my case it didn’t show any difference on my bloated stomach. From the 3 meals I take, I make sure that the first includes sugar, like eating 2 toasts with jam for breakfast. I’m a sugar addicted and if I take sugar completely out of my diet, I don’t have energy at all. To target my sugar addiction, the toasts with jam have been a great solution for me. I don’t feel tempted anymore to eat chocolate or desserts. The other 2 meals I have, I make sure they include equally: protein, carbs and fiber.

Remember to drink lots of water. Discover how many glasses of water you should drink daily with the water calculator. Click here to calculate.


Vegan protein helps me building up my muscle mass

Protein shakes are essential to gain muscle, if you workout. I always like to take protein shakes throughout or when I finish my workouts. I prefer vegan protein, since it feels lighter on my stomach and it doesn’t give me any stomach cramp. I love the vegan protein from The Protein Works, specifically the strawberry flavour. Considering I’m only eating sugar at breakfast, the vegan protein shake feels as if I’m eating a dessert, which helps my crave for sugar to go away.

Read more about vegan protein:



Exercising is so important to get your body in shape, toned and fit for summer. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that you need to exercise a lot. A little bit is better than nothing and it takes the pressure of making your life revolve around exercise out of your shoulders. We live in a busy society where time runs out through our fingers easily. For that reason, I tend to have 2 days where I workout for 1 hour and 2 days where I just workout for 30 minutes. If I’m busy and I don’t have time to workout, I try at least to take 10 minutes for some abs, since my lower belly is my main target. Far are the times that I used to spent 6 days exercising for more than 1 hour. That only overworked my body and stopped my body from gaining muscle.

Back in London, I use to go to the gym, but here in Tenerife, because I work from home, I realise I prefer home workouts. I love finishing work and jump straight to a workout to release stress or if I have a busy schedule after work, I can exercise before work, take a quick shower and ready to work.

You need to adapt to your schedule the best way to exercise for you. Avoid forcing yourself into an overload of workout that later on will make you quit from it. To be consistent in working out, you need to understand how much time you have and what you feel comfortable committing yourself to. Exercising hard just before your holidays will cause your body to go in a loop of loosing and gaining weight that in the long run won’t bring any positive results. The secret, in my opinion, is small portions of workouts that are kept consistently all over the year. This will help you to have a summer body forever.

If you like home workouts, follow the Madfit workouts . I love her! She has all sort of exercises that suit every single person.


Always remember to listen to your body. Don’t follow crazy diets or workouts that can drain your energy. You’re the only one that can truly get to know what’s good or bad for your body. Don’t be drastic in your diet. It’s always good to have some pizza or dessert. Life should be pleasant!

I hope my tips will help you to get the summer body you desire! Skinny or curvy, it doesn’t matter, let’s show off our summer bodies!

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  1. Great advice. And starving yourself definitely doesn’t work. I just get moody and then end up eating something that is full of sugar and calories. And then feel bad about it 😅.

    1. Same, it’s like a loop when you starve, not eating-overeat-remorse 🤦🏼‍♀️ Thank you Reija for reading and commenting ❤️

  2. Thank you so much Michele for sharing this great advice! I think it’s important to keep balance in everything related to diet and excercising, this way is much easier to be consistent and to see results in the long term.

    1. Exactly, that’s what I think. Thank you for reading ❤️

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