16 Things To Do in Las Vegas

Whisper your craziest wish to Vegas and it will be granted, because in Las Vegas all your wishes are possible. If there is a city that truly never sleeps is Las Vegas. There is an infinity of activities to do. The only two things you need to do all of them is energy and money. Come with me and discover the main 16 Things To Do in Las Vegas.

If you ever find your life boring, come to Las Vegas. Your life will never be the same after being in Vegas! Night and day are the same when you have casinos, clubs, restaurants open all day long. The full-of-energy city is a booster for anybody that is lacking fun. You just have to let yourself be infected by the high-vibe that Vegas has and live life as if it’s the last day.

Las Vegas Boulevard, known as well as The Strip, is where all the fun is and all the entertainment lives. The Strip never sleeps, it never says never to “let’s have fun”!

So, with so much to do, how to know what to do? Well, I created a list of things to do in Vegas that will keep your life busy and exciting. You just need energy and money. Yes, you will need money, because in Vegas money is everything! You can always bet your luck in a casino and hope that you’ll multiply your fortune. Hope it’s the last to die, right!

Anyway, the 5 days I spent in Vegas, I got an idea of what are main things to do, so let’s have fun with the list that I created of “16 Things To Do in Las Vegas”.


As soon as you see the Bellagio Fountain, you know you’re in Las Vegas, for that reason I listed as the number 1 thing to do when you get to Vegas. The fountain show happens every 30 minutes at the Bellagio Resort. It’s a stunning show, better when you see it live, of course, rather than watching on TV. It’s a musical fountain show where the water moves according to Michael Jackson’s song Billie Jean. When the fountain shoots high, with the lights changing at the same time, it completely gets your eyes hypnotized.


The best in Las Vegas is that you can party whenever you want, either daytime or night-time! At daytime you have the best pool parties in the world at Tao Beach Dayclub, Drai’s Beach Club, Daylight Beach Club, Elia Beach Club and Ayu Dayclub.

At night-time the best clubs are Tao Nightclub, Omnia, Jewel Nightclub and Light Nightclub.

The clubs in Vegas are always fully booked, so make reservations with two weeks at least in advance.


One of many mega limousines in Vegas

If you want a different type of party, just go for a mega limo party! You can rent a mega limousine or a bus, grab your friends and get ready to have a “wild” time whilst riding around the city. Check quotes at Bell Limousine or Vegas Limousine Service to rent a limousine or bus.


At the Venetian Resort, you have a copy of Piazza San Marcos in Venice. The similarity is so perfect, that you can even go for a gondola ride as if you are in Italy. To book a ride, you need to go inside The Venetian and get the tickets. You can book a ride indoors or outdoors (as the pictures above). It’s important to book in advance.


Absinthe Show at Caesars Palace

There are so many shows in Las Vegas that it’s really difficult to choose which one to go to. In my opinion there are 4 shows that at least one of them you have to go: KA by Cirque du Soleil at MGM Grand Hotel, Michael Jackson ONE by Cirque du Soleil at Mandalay Bay Resort, Fantasy (Burlesque Show) at Luxor Hotel and Absinthe Show at Caesars Palace.

I went to Absinthe Show and I loved it! It’s a combination of different shows, all in one. There’s acrobatic, knife show performances and stand up comedy, which at times can be sarcastic to the point of some people getting offended.


Fly Linq Zipline

If you want to see Vegas in a different perspective and filled with adrenaline, you have to adventure yourself at the Fly Linq Zipline. Take a zipline from the Linq Promenade until the High Roller (Las Vegas Ferris Wheel) and get ready for 342 meters distance of high speed.


High Roller

From the Fly Linq Zipline, when you get to the High Roller, take a ride and have a drink in one of the cabins of Las Vegas Ferris Wheel. You can go with a group of friends or family and enjoy the amazing views whilst drinking a cocktail or wine.


Hot air balloon ride leaflet

I wish I had gone for a hot air balloon ride, but unfortunately it was fully booked. As I said before, in Vegas everything needs to be booked way before. I’ve learned my lesson! To go for a balloon ride, you need to wakeup before 5am, because the trip is planned to watch the sunrise and enjoy the incredible sunlight colours up in the sky. You can contact the company on the leaflet above, Vegas Balloon Rides, to get more information.


One of the companies that provides helicopter rides

Continuing the sky rides, here’s another one: a helicopter ride! Besides seeing Las Vegas from above, you can also visit the Grand Canyon. The ride takes between 2 and 3 hours. I went on a helicopter ride with the company Papillon Grand Canyon. We flew over Vegas and Grand Canyon. We stopped, in the middle of the trip, to have some snacks and drinks given by the company, and had time to take some nice pictures of Grand Canyon.


Supercars race at Speed Vegas leaflet

Let’s raise the bar of adrenaline and go full speed mode into the 10th adventure of this list! Fast cars race is the experience we all need in Vegas. Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to go for a supercar race, but I’m hoping I will have the chance to, in my next trip to Vegas. Speed Vegas is the coolest thing to do in this list along with the next one.


Even if you aren’t a fan of the idea of shooting a gun, let me tell you that the adrenaline that runs through the veins when shooting a gun is surreal, so this is a must-do thing in Las Vegas, in my opinion. At Machine Guns Vegas I went for a Femme Fatale Experience and I found out my “Lara Croft” side!

You have an instructor that guides you and assures you that safety is being followed by all means.


Going to a casino is the first thing to do in Las Vegas Strip. The only reason I didn’t put in the beginning of the list, it’s because I thought it’s so obvious, that I preferred to put other things that were less obvious. Every hotel has a massive casino area, open 24/7. Money never sleeps in Vegas!

I can advise you not to go to The Venetian casino, since someone there told me that rarely, you win something. It’s better to go to Caesars Palace Casino.


Caesars Palace shopping area

Shopping in Las Vegas it feels like a luxury experience, even if you aren’t buying nothing luxurious, just because of the interior of the shopping malls. Everything is big, ostentatious and meant to represent some part of the world that is perceived as chic. Example of that is The Venetian, where inside, the clouds on the ceiling move and change according to day and night-time. Shopping in Vegas is a unique experience.

The interior of the shopping mall in The Venetian


If you are a fan of Hell’s Kitchen, like I am, you will love to see in real live where all the show happens. Hell’s Kitchen is open to the public and is a fancy restaurant with excellent service and delicious food. My favourite will always be the signature dish of Gordon Ramsay, Beef Wellington. Hell’s Kitchen is at Caesars Palace.


I am a big foodie and a sweet tooth, so when I discovered the doughnuts of Saint Honore, I knew I had to include this experience in this article. They have different sort of doughnuts and they are all tasty! Because they’re so good, there’s a queue from the moment they are open. So if you like doughnuts, head to Saint Honore as soon as they’re open. Saint Honore is a bit far from The Strip, but it’s easy to get a taxi from the hotel and head there. You won’t regret it!


Last but not least, getting married in Las Vegas. Yes, you read well! I had to put this experience in the list of things to do in Vegas, for the fact that getting married in Vegas is the most popular thing to do! Next week, I will be writing an article about the whole experience of getting married in Las Vegas. If you always dreamed about it, I can assure you that it’s an amazing experience. Wait until next week to find out all the details.


The city that never sleeps has more things, more experiences and adventures that can be done, but I hope these 16 things to do list will give you an idea of how much fun you can have in Vegas. Once in a lifetime, everyone needs to visit Las Vegas, because this is the city that can satisfy all your desires!


Have a “wild” weekend!

Thank you for reading and subscribing,

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  1. I’d book to see John Legend and take a ride in a hot air balloon

    1. I would love to see John Legend too! Thank you for reading ❤️

      1. My pleasure Michele

  2. So many iconic images we see in the movies! It must be kind of shocking seeing them in real life. It definitely sounds like a lifetime experience!

    1. When I got to Las Vegas, it seemed unreal being there. It’s a unique city!

  3. At the point when I got to Las Vegas, it appeared to be stunning being there. It’s an exceptional city!

    1. Vegas is such a captivating city! Thank you for reading and commenting 😊

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