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It feels so luxury to have personalized handmade jewelry! Feitios, the jewelry brand that it was my first article of this year, is always innovating and creating new jewelry designs. For summer, Cat, the owner and creator of Feitios, has brought the most beautiful summer collection. Of course I didn’t resist and I got some to match my summer clothes. Come with me and check my new summer earrings from Feitios.

I love supporting my friends, especially when they are fierce, creative and resilient! That’s the case of Cat, entrepreneur of Feitios. Regardless of what people said, that she wouldn’t make it, she did and step by step her “baby” jewelry business is growing!

Her jewelry made with polymer clay, it’s versatile, glamourous and unique! Every piece of jewelry is either part of a thematic collection or personalized by request. Either way, because it’s all handmade, each piece end up being different from the other, creating a one design only existent.

When I wear Feitios, I feel like a “VIP” for wearing a design that it was made for me and proud to know I’m supporting a woman’s dream!

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The picture you see above from Feitios Instagram shows one of the collections that was inspired by the southern Portuguese city of Algarve, where Cat is from. It evokes summer, beach and the famous white chimneys from Algarve.

Cat is Portuguese and she lives in between Portugal and UK, so you can buy her earrings in Portugal and UK by sending a direct message on her Instagram or Facebook. However, if you don’t live in Portugal or UK, you can message her and ask if she can send to another country. She’s always kind and available to satisfy all the customers’ needs. The prices are around £10 each piece.

Check my first earrings from Feitios, by clicking on the article bellow:



The Feitios earrings I got for summer

How cute are the earrings I bought from Feitios, right? Can you believe that they are all handmade! Cat is so talented! From the picture above, which pair, do you like the most? My favourite are the rainbow ones on the left. They fit the Pride Week perfectly. Carrying them, it represents for me the equality of human rights that every human being should embrace. For that reason, I carry them with tremendous prideness!

Anyway, let me show you closer each one of them,so you can see the detail and quality.

Feitios handmade earrings

All the collections Cat has designed this summer are irresistible. I love the fact that each collection has a story behind and she recreates it trough different colours and shapes. If I would live close to her, I’m pretty sure, I’d have a new pair of earrings every week. Each different type of woman is represented on her pieces, from the conservative to the eccentric woman, no one is left outside and the dedication to come up with something that suits everyone I find it admirable.

Make sure to follow Feitios either on Instagram or Facebook and no, Cat didn’t pay me to write about her business. I took initiative to do it, since we women need to support each other, especially entrepreneurs that are mothers and wives and divide their time courageously to accomplish so many things at the same time!

Wishing a happy Pride weekend!

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  1. I love the three pairs you got from the summer collection! Feitios designs are so beautiful and unique! Hand made pieces feel extra special and I really like the detail and creativity thrown into each design.

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