Zara Summer Mini Shopping Haul

As the holiday season starts, renewing your summer wardrobe is a ritual that often defines the beginning of summer. I went to Zara to refresh my wardrobe and I had to share with you this mini shopping haul. On my summer holidays to USA, I chose some elegant city style that combined perfectly with Los Angeles and Las Vegas. Get some inspiration from the pieces I got from Zara’s summer 2022 collection.

When summer brings the first sunny days, fashion stores around the world display gorgeous outfits that is hard to resist to. This year is no exception, especially now that the covid restrictions start to fade, the temptation to get that new piece to wear on your longed holidays, becomes even more irresistible. I have been trying not to shop frivolously as before, since I want to avoid fast fashion. I’m getting less clothes but making sure that they have good quality, and they will fit my wardrobe style in the upcoming years. The quality of Zara garments has improved. For example, the knit tops are well sewn and the blazers have a perfect cut. Besides that, Zara has presented a summer collection that fits the colourful flamboyant or the classic timeless style, meaning a collection that fits every taste. I hope my mini shopping haul will get you excited about 2022 summer season.


Zara Summer 2022 Collection Outfit No 1

This year I feel more attracted to navy colours than ever before, maybe because I am living close to the sea. When I saw the “sailor” top in Zara, automatically I had this classic idea of white trousers and navy tailored blazer. What I like on this outfit, is that the cut of all garments make a more modern version of the famous “sailor” style. The fact that the top is cropped and the trousers are high waist and fitted on the waist, give a “younger” look, but still elegant. I think this style will never go out of date, hence I called classic timeless.

Basic Cropped Knit Top £17.99
High Waist Trousers
Fitted Double-Breasted Blazer £59.99
Leather High-Heel Court Shoes


Zara Summer 2022 Collection Outfit No 2
Zara Summer 2022 Collection Outfit No 2 with Cropped Blazer

As my second look, I wanted something more colourful, party look-like, but still keeping the elegant style. I think these three pieces together exude the glamour from the sixties fashion: short skort and cropped blazer. The different colours combined, pink and lime green, is one of the trends I like the most this summer. Colourful shades mixed together that for me represent the essence of summer: sunny and happy days.

Combined Organza Top
Asymmetric Skort £25.99
Textured Cropped Blazer


This year Zara has been my favourite store. I love the wide selection, styles and quality that they’re bringing consistently this year. The only thing I would say they have to improve is the clothe’s sizes. Some of the corset tops and dresses should have an option for a wider cup for the chest, like the brand House of CB started to do.

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  1. I love all the pieces you got at Zara and they look amazing on you! I really like Zara. They sell stylish and unique pieces inspired by the runways at very affordable prices and quality is actually quite good. I just hope within the next few years they make an effort to become more sustainable.

    1. Thank you. You’re right, I hope as well they’ll become more sustainable. I think occidental fashion brands are starting to be aware of that and this is why I agree with an increase of prices in clothing. Clothes are to be worn more than once and with that in mind, if we pay more for a quality piece that lasts, we are already contributing for sustainability. Thank you for sharing your opinion 😊

      1. Yes, I totally agree, this is the right way to go. Pieces with better quality can be worn many times and make for a more sustainable wardrobe. And the good thing is that top brands like Zara can sell better quality at a cheaper price because their sales are so high they still make a massive profit.

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