Club Gascon: French Michelin Restaurant in London

French cuisine is already known as one of the best cuisine in the world and one restaurant in particular in London has been serving the best top quality food from southwest of France. Club Gascon in Clerkenwell, London, a Michelin-starred restaurant, open since 1998, has created a special menu for the Jubilee commemorations of the Queen. If you like exquisite food keep reading to unveil the tasteful menu.

Last week I was in London and I couldn’t resist to book a table in a restaurant that got my attention when I saw the menu. I looked for several Michelin restaurants, since I was looking for fine dining, and most of them had a similar menu, which was a little disappointing when you want to be mesmerized by delicious and unique food. From my search, only one restaurant stood out: Club Gascon!

Club Gascon‘s menu left me dazzled by the combination of different flavours and delicate ingredients. I like the fact that they had a special menu for the Jubilee commemorations of the Queen. I was sure I wanted to know how their food tasted like.

London is filled with so many excellent restaurants and if you would like to take a tour around the best fine restaurants, then read my article bellow, before heading to the experience at Club Gascon:



Club Gascon in Clerkenwell, London.

Club Gascon is a French restaurant focused on the cuisine of southwest of France, more specifically the area of Gascony, known as a gourmet region of France, not only because of the food, but also because of it’s local brandy Armagnac (a competitor of cognac).

Besides the restaurant, Club Gascon has Le Bar located right next to it. You can either savour a fantastic meal at the restaurant or just go for a drink at Le Bar.

The restaurant has received a Michelin star in 2002 and has kept it every year since then.

Situated in the City, Club Gascon and Le Bar become busy after the offices close and on a sunny day is worth to be outside enjoying a drink, before heading to dinner.

Outside Le Bar


The exquisite Jubilee Tasting Menu is composed by a cocktail and a three menu course: two main dishes and dessert. I booked the table two weeks beforehand. The price of the menu is £49 by person and any drinks are paid separately. If you will have a bottle of wine and water, the price in total will be around £100 by person. Trust me is definitely worth it!

The service is amazing and they’ll guide you perfectly throughout the dinner. To start the right way, they will serve you a great cocktail which they named “Amuse Bouche & ‘Jubilee’ Cocktail”. It’s a balanced sweet prosecco taste of exotic fruits that ties up incredibly with any starter.

Check the Jubilee Tasting Menu here.

The starter of white chocolate and caviar.

The starter my boyfriend and I had, was outside the menu and it was suggested by the friendly staff. We had as you can see in the picture above a souffle texture of white chocolate combined with caviar. Absolutely phenomenal!

The bread served before the main courses

Three types of butter

Before heading to the Jubilee Menu, we were served a still warm handmade smoked bread with three different butters: shrimp, pistachio and regular butter.

Spring white truffled crackling duck egg in the nest

The first main dish we had to opt between “Cuttlefish, Winkles, Grapefruit Pulp, Green Chicory” or “Spring White Truffled Crackling Duck Egg in the Nest”. We chose the second (picture above). I wish I could describe perfectly all the flavours. When the fragile yolk is mixed with the crackling noodle texture and the white truffle, there is a symbiosis of food consistency and taste, leaving your senses baffled and craving for more!

Loin of Lamb Grenobloise, Glazed White Asparagus, Chards

The second main course, we chose “Loin of Lamb Grenobloise, Glazed White Asparagus, Chards” instead of “Barigoule of Artichokes, Fennel Pebbles, Wild Garlic”.

If you look at the picture above you can tell straight away that the lamb has been cooked by a master-chef. The lamb was juicy, tender and had the perfect reduction. The tulip was elegantly placed on the plate with cubes of asparagus inside. I still wonder how you can cook a tulip without destroying it and still manage to put vegetables inside. A job that for a star Michelin chef must be easy, I guess!

Frosted Perail, Buckwheat Shards, Vin Jaune

As a supplement in the menu, there is the “Frosted Perail, Buckwheat Shards, Vin Jaune”. Perail it’s a French cheese, that looks similar to Brie. The Perail cheese served as an icecream with the buckweat shards it’s an incredible fusion of consistencies and tastes: soft and crispy, sweet and salty. It’s just unreal!

Dessert time with Rhubarb & Hibiscus Pillow, Blackberry, Pickled Rose

The dessert “Rhubarb & Hibiscus Pillow, Blackberry, Pickled Rose” was the best way to finish this exquisite dinner. The freshness of the rhubarb and hibiscus ice-cream, put together with the vanilla milky soft texture and a crispy base, once more left me baffled and craving for more! A delight for my mouth!


Club Gascon is a must go restaurant, if you like fine cuisine. You will be impressed by the way they “marry” the ingredients. Everything is thought with detail and the result is a perfect marriage of flavours! No wonder they are a Michelin-starred restaurant.

Wishing you a “delicious” evening.

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  1. I never went to Club Gascon the years I lived in London, but I’ll make sure I eat there next time I visit London. All dishes look exquisite!

  2. I never heard about Club Gascon too until I did my research for a fine restaurant with Michelin Star. I thought I had visited the main ones, but London is always full of surprises😃

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