The Perfect Shoe Accessory: Chob’s Shoe Tie

Walking on stilettos, it’s a task every woman desires to master, however after wearing them for a while, most of us, are only thinking how to master the pain we feel in our feet. What if there would be a solution that tackles the problem with glamour and no bandages or plasters involved! Yes, the solution is called Chob’s ShoeTie! Their shoe ties can relieve the pain whilst adding beauty and elegance to any shoes. Keep reading to find out the next shoe accessory that is about to revolutionize our feet and shoes.

Sometimes I just browse Youtube for hours and one beautiful day, this amazing video shows up on my feed, showing a shoe tie that can be added to any stilettos. I went straight to their website and I was instantly fascinated by their stylish shoe ties. After that, I went on their blog and read how everything started. I was even more fascinated than before. I knew instantly I had to have them!


Chob’s ShoeTie is the Tifanny’s jewellery for shoes! It enhances and accessorizes shoes with class.

Chob’s has several collections that can be adapted to stilettos, ballerinas and sneakers. They even have a collection for children. According to each collection, you can choose to have a foot wrap (image above), a detachable bow, a Japanese seed beads patch, a golden chain, pearls, pompoms or a shoe tie made of silk to enhance your shoes.

Check here to see all the collections or check their Instagram to have a glimpse of their amazing shoe accessories.

My favourite collection is the ShoeTie, with the option of selecting a fancy foot wrap or a detachable bow made of soft tulle or silk.

The foot wrap is the one that I would recommend to everyone, since the soft fabric wrapped around the feet, protects them from getting blisters and absorbs uncomfortable sweat.

Chob’s foot wrap is the foot saviour every woman needs when walking on stilettos.


Behind a great invention, there’s always a genius idea that comes unexpectedly. Chob’s was born from a woman that decided to wear stilettos on this beautiful day, but by the end of it could not stand anymore the pain of wearing high heels. She end up in the restroom barefoot, thinking how her swollen feet would fit back in the stilettos. I can definitely relate to this and I’m sure you too! So she was barefoot in the restroom and a solution came up on her mind. What about wrapping toilet paper around her feet! She did it and wrapped them so elegantly that no one noticed it was toilet paper! This was it! Chob’s ShoeTie was born!


The packaging of Chob’s ShoeTie
Chob’s Alice in Wonderland foot wrap

By looking at Chob’s website, let me tell you that I wanted to buy everything! Choosing just two ShoeTies was so difficult, that it took me at least a week to made my mind up. I didn’t choose more than two, since I wanted to try them first and understand better how it works, before purchasing more. I chose a ShoeTie Alice in Wonderland foot wrap and a ShoeTie La Vie en Rose detachable bow. They were £25 each and I paid £8 for shipping.

Chob’s La Vie en Rose detachable bow

Chob’s ShoeTies have different sizes and for my UK 5 or EU 38 size in shoes, I bought Chob’s size 7-8. When they arrived I was astonished to see the quality and how beautiful they are in real life. The detachable bow I understood straight away how it works. You just have to add the sticker on the velvet sewing behind the lace and stick it under the front part of the shoes. They bring several stickers, so you will be able to change them many times and reuse it on different shoes (images bellow).

The foot wrap Alice in Wonderland was a mystery how I should wrap them to make them look fluffy and cute. After watching again the Youtube video, I found it easy to wrap them. These have become my favourite! My gut was right, the foot wrap worked perfectly to make my feet sweat-proof and to protect the front part of my feet from getting blisters. I could walk on my stilettos longer than usual, without the agonizing pain of wearing stilettos the whole day.


Chob’s ShoeTie has impressed me so much, that I want to add soon the pink and green foot wrap to my collection.

One thing that I love about them is that they are washable and dry quickly.

I wished they had a store in London, so I could try all of them and see instantly how they would look on my shoes. Who knows maybe one day! I believe they have the potential to be like a Tiffany‘s luxury piece for shoes. What do you think?

Hope you have a glamorous weekend!

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  1. I love the story behind Chob’s Shoe Tie! This is one of the wittiest and most unique things I’ve seen in fashion in recent years. Not only they ornate shoes amazingly well but also protect feet. Thank you so much for sharing!

    1. Thank you for reading ❤️

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