How to Style 3 Neutral Dresses from Zara – Collaboration Article with “Beautyworkers”

A timeless wardrobe is composed of neutral colours. You never go wrong with neutral colours on any occasion. For this reason, Beautyworkers and I put our efforts together to bring another fashion collaboration, this time focused on dresses with neutral colours. We went to Zara and each one of us picked two neutral dresses. From those two, one was the “chosen one” to show you how versatile a neutral dress can be, adjusting it to different occasions, from a casual lunch with family to a formal business lunch.

Spring fashion has been filled with colours, but we know everything in fashion is temporary, so to built a timeless wardrobe, you always have to count on pieces that are neutrals. Neutral colours are the essential characteristic of a classic and everlasting wardrobe. To bring you the best ideas on clothing with neutral colours, Beautyworkers and I, decided to join our forces again to create this collaboration on how to style neutral dresses. Everyone loves a dress that is quick to put on when rushing and especially if it goes with any accessories or colourful layers, hence Beautyworkers and I elected a dress as the main garment for this neutral theme.

If you still need a presentation to the super glamorous blog Beautyworkers, you haven’t checked our previous fashion collaborations. Further down, you can have a look to our previous articles. The bloggers of Beautyworkers, Rita and Joana are passionate about beauty, fashion and travelling. They are always on the pursuit of the best tips to have perfect skin, the best ideas to acquire a glamorous wardrobe and the best suggestions when travelling. Subscribe their blog by clicking here and follow their Instagram here.


To show you how to style a neutral dress, we chose two neutral dresses from Zara, but one was the “nominated” to be combined in three categories: a casual family lunch, a lunch with friends and a formal work lunch. See all the combinations we came up with, by clicking here (to head to Beautyworkers blog to read the whole article).

We hope our suggestions will inspire you to create an elegant wardrobe filled with timeless pieces.

Wishing everyone a stylish weekend!

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  1. I just checked the article and I love all your choices! The slip dress Rita picked is actually my favorite.

    1. I’m glad you like our choices 😊 I like Rita’s dress too, especially with the blazer. Thank you for your feedback❤️

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