Easter Outfits: 1 Zara Piece, 3 Different Looks – Collaboration Article with “Beautyworkers”

If you need an excuse to go shopping, the bloggers from Beautyworkers and I, will give you plenty of them by preparing different outfits for an Easter lunch. Shopaholics like us, always like to use special days or events as an excuse to shop more clothes without feeling guilty, so what other better opportunity than Easter to take advantage of choosing some special pieces that will make us stand out on an Easter lunch! Beautyworkers and I have teamed up again for another fashion article and this time each one of us chose one piece of garment from Zara and combined it in three different ways. Let us inspire you for the perfect Easter look.

I’m so glad to be collaborating again with Joana and Rita, the bloggers from Beautyworkers. We just collaborated recently, besides last year collaborations, and we enjoy it so much, that we had to repeat the experience. If you still don’t know Beautyworkers, please make sure to follow them by subscribing to their blog here. They are phenomenal in getting the last trends in beauty and fashion always updated on their articles. Check also our recent collaborations:


The chosen pieces from Zara to create different looks

If you need ideas or inspiration for what to wear on Easter, let us make that task easy for you. In this collaboration article we chose 1 piece from Zara and styled it in 3 different ways for an Easter lunch with family.

It’s funny that the pieces we chose, combined together (picture above) look amazing, which we can consider an extra unplanned look for an Easter outfit. Rita chose the pink trousers (size XS), Joana the white blazer (size S), and I chose the pink top (size S). Without further ado, let’s see what combinations we have came out with.



It’s no secret that I love pink and I’ve been thinking about bright pink pants since the beginning of the year when we knew that it was going to be a trend. And I found them in this Zara Satin effect full length flare pants in fuchsia! They look great on the body and I feel that they were made for me, they fit perfectly! These pants are available from the size XS to XXL. I’m wearing a size XS and the only thing that I would have to change is the length (I’m a petite girl).

For an Easter lunch, I decided to combine these pants in three ways. I must say that even though I thought I followed a (perhaps too) sexy path, I’m very pleased with the final looks.

First, I decided to go all over the place and play with color. This electric pink was calling for a pop of orange! Zara’s new season collection is full of oranges, greens and blues in every shade and I think this crop shirt looks absolutely lovely! It’s true that it’s not everybody’s cup of tea but I like to see the two pieces together! I would use this in a lunch with my family, maybe I would pair it with a jacket because it’s cold here. 


For the second look, I wanted a girly look, and for that I chose a floral, white shirt with pops of baby pinks and bright greens. I think this is the perfect combination to look respectable but in style in every family lunch, even more for a special date like this. This is also a look that can be used on a friends lunch, if you are looking for ideas!

Zara Floral Print Shirt – £29.99


For the third and last look, I used black! We never go wrong when we pair a bright color with black, never! It makes the bright color pop even more, and that’s what happened here. I saw this cute black bustier bodysuit and thought it looked great with the pants but alone it was too sexy, so I paired it with a tailored blazer. In the end I feel in love the final look although I would love to try the bustier in a size down. Yes, it can be a little too sexy for a family lunch (unless you are going to some kind of Kardashian Easter lunch). But you can always change the body for a simple black shirt. I honestly would only change the bustier, because that blazer with those pants are fire! Love, love! Quality tailored blazers with good prices are hard to find and this one is perfect because you can use it with almost every piece of cloth and it will add a chick factor to any look and look!

Let’s talk  about the shoes, because I’m in love with these pink electric Zara shoes. I didn’t buy them at the time, but I think I’m going to order them online. They are very versatile, the proof is that they looked great with the three looks, and they are so comfy! A winner, for sure!

This season, pink is all over the place in all shapes and silhouettes, dresses and details, enough to convince even those of us who haven’t gone there since childhood. Audrey Hepburn once said “I believe in pink” and after trying on these  pants, I also do believe in pink! If I had to choose one look, it would be very difficult, but I think I would choose the second look because comfortable to play with my nephews and cousins and I can eat all I want without worrying that my belly is going to stand out! What’s your favorite?



As my main piece, I decided on a white blazer. It´s a timeless and versatile piece that can be paired with many clothes that looks good, and being in a neutral color, can have a million conjugations.

I also chose a blazer, because it’s an elegant piece of clothing, so it won’t compromise you on any occasion, being a safe option for the Easter lunch, but also when you don´t know what to wear. Easy. Jeans, t-shirt, and a blazer. Need a smart cover up for a weeding when it gets chilly?! You guess it, use a blazer with a shirt a heeled boot.

In the first picture, I paired the blazer with a funkier and more colorful outfit. Something not too elegant, but fancy enough for an important lunch, like the one we have on Easter day. It is a funny outfit, but not sexy enough to make your grandparents comment that we are too naked.


In the second picture, I paired it with a more casual outfit (more my everyday style). Love the combination of the jeans with an orange top and a white blazer. The top and the shoes elevate the outfit to an appropriate Easter lunch outfit, that it´s put together, but does not make you stand out, and have all the attention, because of the outfit. A plus is that you will be comfortable through lunch, and if you have plans after or are going for a walk, you can switch the shoes for some trainers, and you will be fine.


The third and last picture is a more elegant and preppy outfit, that you usually use on special occasions. Because we already are in spring, I decided to use them with a blazer as a pop of a brighter color, which I think it´s good to have in spring and summer. I love this outfit, it´s cute and elegant at the same time.

Now my decision. Which of the three outfits I´m going to pick for my Easter lunch with the family? First, I love all of them, and I would be fine in all of them. After a lot of thinking and looking at all the pictures and clothes, I decided that my favorite outfit would be the third one. It´s beautiful, I love the pieces and the colors. It´s also elegant and appropriate for the occasion.

What do you think? Did I choose well?



Easter always reminds me of my family traditions. When I was a little girl, we used to go church before reuniting with all the family for Easter lunch, so I always have this idea of dressing more formal or at least dressing something less rebelling or revealing for Easter.

I chose the pink top as my main piece to be combined with different looks, because I knew it would be easy to put together with other garments and it would give me the possibility of creating formal outfits without looking too serious.

At the moment, I pass more time in Tenerife than in London, thus I needed a summer top and this top is perfect. Plus, it’s my favourite color in clothes: pink, just like Rita!

My first look it’s a casual chic, where the comfortable flared jeans are matched with a fancy blazer and a pair of stilettos. The jeans are actually part of a collaboration article of last year with Beautyworkers.

Differently than Rita and Joana, I combined my pink top with clothes that I had already in my wardrobe, so I won’t have a corresponding piece from Zara to be associated with. Nonetheless, this first look is all from Zara, but the stilettos.


For the second look, I decided to break the “church protocol” I spoke above about being formal, and chose these marine inspired shorts which are perfect for Tenerife. To give a classy final touch, I added a sleeveless brazer and a pair of black stilettos. If by the end of the day, I would be tired of wearing heels, I could easily switch to a pair of ballerinas and still look elegant. I love the contrast of the pink top with the black pieces, adding a touch of colour without being overwhelming.

The sleeveless blazer is from New Look and I searched for something similar in Zara, but unfortunately I didn’t found anything, hence only the shorts are shown bellow.

Zara Bermuda Shorts – £25.99


As my last look, I wanted something more chilled, casual and pinky! The gingham check skirt with slit is super comfortable and it’s a colourful casual that would suit an Easter lunch. I wanted an Easter look with trainers, since I have days that I cannot walk on heels. This outfit makes me feel cosy and still looking presentable for an Easter family lunch.

Like the previous look I didn’t found a similar skirt in Zara, unfortunately. I got this skirt a few years ago from Topshop.

From the 3 looks, my favourite is definitely the first one, where I felt chic, trendy and stylish. There’s nothing like a blazer to level up a whole outfit. What is your favourite?


We hope we have inspired you to look glamorous for a lunch with family on a special day like Easter. We had so much fun putting all these pieces together and this is the message we wanted to pass. Special days shouldn’t be stressful and should be about having fun and enjoy the best of what fashion has to give. With just one piece, you can open a world of diversity and creativity. Happy Easter!

Beautyworkers and I are bringing soon another fashion article, so subscribe to our blogs to stay tuned.

Thank you for reading,

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  1. I love the three pieces you picked from Zara and the three ways you styled them! My favorite looks are Rita’s look 3, Joana’s look 2 and Michele’s look 2.

    1. Thank you for reading and for sharing your preferences ❤️

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