Hyacorp Non-Surgical Buttock Lift

The cult of the body has become more in vogue with the expansion of social media. We all got used to see toned perfect curvilicious celebrities all around the media. On the last decade, the butt has been highlighted as part of the body cult for women. Somehow, I got influenced and decided to try the hyacorp non-surgical buttock lift to give more volume to my buttock and reduce hip dips. Is it painful? Is it worth it? Keep reading to discover the answer.

First of all, in any cosmetic intervention, make sure to consult a professional with medical knowledge and experience that can advise you according to your needs. Remember that we all have different beauty concerns and our skin differs from person to person, hence it’s important to look for the right professional/medical help.

I always exercised to keep myself in shape, but over the last year, my life became truly hectic and I stopped having time to go gym. I only have time now to exercise half an hour a day at home and that’s it. I noticed then that my butt lost volume, because I’m not pumping it anymore with weights. After one year of considering if I should or not put myself into an aesthetic procedure for my butt, I took an impulse decision of just doing it. I couldn’t take out of my mind how my butt would look like with more volume.

My aesthetic practitioner, Holly, does the hyacorp non-surgical buttock lift and I got all curious about it. When I contacted her to have more information regarding the procedure, she said it’s an easy procedure of 30 minutes to 1 hour where she injects slowly the hyacorp solution which can cause some bruising and swelling, but the recovery it takes a quick 5 days. Because I trust her, she has been my aesthetic practitioner for 3 years, I was sure to go ahead and do it. And so I did!


Hyacorp is made from the natural body component: hyaluronic acid, which has become very popular in the beauty industry for its anti-ageing and regenerating properties. Hyacorp is BSE free:

“A BSE-Free Certificate issued by a cosmetic association, such as ACMA, declares that the products listed do not contain any prohibited materials and that the manufacturing process and packaging are equally free of contamination.”

In American Cosmetic Manufacturers Association

Hyacorp Body Contouring is the safest filler to restore volume on the face and body, because of its natural ingredient hyaluronic acid, increasing the acceptance of the filler during the procedure. Hyacorp has two types: MFL1 and MFL2. For buttock or breast enhancement, MFL2 is the best solution. MFL2 is a thicker gel comparing to MFL1, giving more volume. MFL1 is suitable to remove imperfections on the surface of the skin.

Altogether Hyacorp offers a non surgical procedure to buttock or breast enhancement with instant results, minimal risk of dermal or sub-dermal scarring, minimal bruising and only requires local anesthesia. It’s a great alternative to invasive treatments like implants or fat injections that can damage the sub-dermal tissues of the skin.


Before and after the procedure hyacorp buttock lift

After dwelling on the idea of improving the appearance of my butt with the hyacorp treatment and move forward with it, it all came down to the cost of the procedure. Quite honestly, it is expensive, although cheaper than a surgical treatment. Hyacorp buttock lift with Holly, cost me £2000 for 100ml. Now I should do like that rumor of Jennifer Lopez that had her butt insured, lol!

Was it worth it paying £2000? I don’t regret it, but I thought the end result would look “fuller”. I could see a difference, but maybe I would have done more. However I wasn’t keen on paying more. So was 100ml of Hyacorp really enough? Considering that I wanted a quick procedure and recovery, yes 100ml was enough.

Where do I stand: just 100ml for the first buttock procedure or more? I’m happy I did 100ml first, because it gave a natural volume to my butt and I could understand more about the treatment, before doing more, in case I wanted more. Do I want more? Yes, after having the first experience, seeing that it’s safe and my body recovered well, yes I will do more. Actually, I am considering in May doing another 50ml of hyacorp and slowly get to the butt shape I desire, which would be like a firm and very rounded peach. The con of these type of treatments is that they don’t stay forever and require to be repeated once in a while. I truly believe that some squats and lots of water after hyacorp buttock lift will help the filler to last longer.

Regarding the procedure, the anesthesia, being injected with hyacorp and the post-recovery period, I would say everything was very smooth. The local anesthesia that Holly applied, it worked quickly. The injections of hyacorp in my buttocks, some were painless, some others painful, but I was always communicating with Holly, so she always knew how I was feeling. The bruising it showed up that night, after the procedure. It did take 2 months to disappear completely. So I did the procedure at the beginning of December 2021 and only in February 2022 it disappeared. Holly told me that normally after one week, you barely see the bruising, but each person recovers differently, I guess.

The only moment that the buttock filler bother me was the 2 nights after the procedure, because every time I moved whilst sleeping, I could feel something was in my buttocks.

Two things to be considered after the hyacorp treatment: drink lots of water and pay attention to the posture whilst seated, since it can misplace the filler.

Before and after the procedure hyacorp buttock lift

Before and after the procedure hyacorp buttock lift

A quick video of the hyacorp buttock lift procedure

If you have any questions or you are considering doing any filler treatment, follow Holly on Instagram (bellow) and DM her. She can take all your doubts away.



It’s been now 4 months, since I put 100ml of hyacorp in my butt, and it still looks plumped as when I just did it, which means the results are long lasting and the investment of £2000 was worth it. In terms of how my butt feels to touch, where the filler is located, I can feel something hard, exactly as a breast implantation, but less liquid. The filler now, looks even better because I’m doing squats everyday.

My butt 3 months after the hyacorp procedure

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  1. I could definitely use a filler like that since my bottom, like everything else, is starting to fall south 😁. But since it is totally outside my budget, I’m hoping lots of cycling and squats will do something! Any other exercise you would recommend?

  2. I’m doing the same, lots of squats with the resistance band 😃

  3. Hi Michele! The procedure is expensive but the results look very natural and you can really tell the difference, plus it seems quite safe and non-invasive. It’s good to know there are these sort of non-surgical alternatives. In my case, I try my best doing lots of walking to tone muscles, applying firming creams and doing regular buttock exercises. Thank you for sharing your experience!

    1. It’s good to know there’s alternatives, but you’re right, exercising/walking is always important and it cannot replace any procedure. These procedures give a bit of a help, but the rest is up to exercise and diet, true.

  4. what do you mean by «I can feel something hard, exacly as a breast inplantation», like, do you think its noticable to others, if someone else were to grab your butt? also, have you noticed anything abt how it looks when you jiggle your butt? does it look completly natural? thank you

    1. It looks natural, because I did a very small quantity. Yes I can jiggle my butt without being noticeable 😁 About the touch, you can definitely tell when you touch it that something is there, it doesn’t get mixed naturally with your own fat unfortunately. This procedure is perfect for people that have a flabby butt and need volume. For example, for my stretch marks this procedure was perfect, they were less visible.

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