Vanity Fair Oscars After-Party 2022: The best and worst dressed stars – Collaboration Article with “Beautyworkers”

Glamour, luxury and fashion are hand in hand with any Oscars event related. Proof of that is the Vanity Fair Oscars After-Party 2022. The delightful event brought celebrities unveiling fabulous gowns, but there are the ones that miss the opportunity to shine and are noticed by their bad taste in fashion. The bloggers from Beautyworkers and I, after collaborating on the article “Oscars 2022: The best and worst dressed stars on the red carpet”, could not lose the chance again to comment what are our choices for best and worst dressed stars in the Vanity Fair Oscars After-Party. Keep reading to find out what celebrities captivated our eyes and the ones that left us horrified.

When you are passionate about fashion, there are events you want to be part of. Me, Rita and Joana, bloggers of the trendy Beautyworkers, watched closely every gown at the red carpet of Vanity Fair Oscars After-Party 2022. Some celebrities made us fall in love, some others didn’t impress us at all. We agreed to choose, each one of us, 3 celebrities that were: best well dressed, “it’s ok red-carpet dressed and worst well dressed.

By the way, if you don’t know yet the blog Beautyworkers, you need to start following and obviously subscribe it. Rita and Joana are an amazing team that put all the effort to write the most interesting articles about beauty and fashion. Collaborating with them has been an incredible experience in such a way that this is our fourth collaboration. By the end of this article, you have the link for our previous collaborations, especially to the most recent: Oscars 2022: The best and worst dressed stars on the red carpet.

Without further ado, discover who we have elected as the best and worst dressed at the Vanity After-Party.



Hailey Steinfeld was definitely my favorite! Strange because by all accounts it was a very hot day in LA on Sunday, so you might be looking at Hailee and think how could she wear a Rokh Fall 2022 velvet full length dress with shoulder straps restricting her arms? I know I would be sweating like a pig! I can be biased because Hailey style in these kinds of events always hit my personal taste but this dress is kinda special, she looked specially gorgeous!

 Dakota Johnson wasn’t at the Oscars ceremony but she attended the Vanity fair party in a Gucci dress (not surprised)! At the first look you may think ‘that’s too much feathers’ but I took some time to see all of the photos Dakota posted and I have to say that this dress looked beautiful in every angle! The hairstyle complemented the dress beautifully and I have to say that I would wear this dress, don’t ask me where I would go…I don’t even know, but I would love to have it!

Rita Ora didn’t disappoint, her dress screamed old glamour, and that was what I expected (and wanted)! She wore a sensational strapless black gown, with Swarovski crystal embellishing all over, and flower stitching around the plunging neckline from designer Miss Sohee. Her best accessory? Tails Waititi, her boyfriend, who helped Rita gown to look gorgeous in every photo.


I have to say that I do not put these three ladies in the ‘that’s ok’ category. To me they are in the same categories as my favorites, I had a lot of favorites this year! It starts with Catriona Balfe. She didn’t impress me in the Oscars ceremony but in the vanity fair party OMG…her dress! It’s a Louis Vuitton and it’s totally my style! Love it, wish I had the money to buy one!

Chrissy Teigen wore a striking silver gown with a shimmery effect from Lebanese designer George’s Hobeika’s Spring 2022 collection. Remember when I said that I love drama, tulle and sparkle? Well Chrissy understood the assignment! The strapped, crystals embellished sandals were the final touch to the romantic and chic look!

Vanessa Hudgens also understood the assignment! The Valentino maxi dress with a black sequin bodice delivered a great look that showed off Vanessa’s figure! Gorgeous!


It was really difficult to choose my favorites because there were so many, and this also can be said when it comes to the not favorites! Heidi Klume is an example, OmG that yellow dress is horrendous! But I had to choose three and the first had to be Amy Forsyth, I don’t know who she is, but the dress was nay! I also could not find who designed the dress, probably her! (Too mean?).

Júlia Fox has been talked about but not for the best reason, after the disaster with Kanye West and all the memes made, she arrived at the party wearing a black dress that featured hands around her neck and purse made of “real human hair”. At least she thinks so “it looks like ittttt” and we have another meme for the next few weeks…I think this is a character that she interprets so she can be in the magazines, nobody can be like this…I hope so.

It was a tie between Kourtney and Kim Kardashian, but I ended up choosing Kourtney because of the PDA that she showed with her boyfriend – Travis Barker. We get it, they are in love! Wish them all the happiness, but it’s not necessary so much PDA on the red carpet and then on the blue carpet! Kourtney used a Dolce & Gabbana dress that made her look older and overall I expected more from her! 



Kate Hudson is a great actress but also a queen in terms of style. She nailed the Vanity Fair after-party with a Carolina Herrera black gown with an outstanding corset that enhance her figure.

If Jessica Chastain wore this emerald Gucci gown on the red carpet she would be in my top three for sure. It is perfection. How can a woman look so perfect, and the Oscar also look good on her, it´s the perfect compliment.

Hailee Steinfeld for me never goes wrong. I can´t remember a red carpet with her that I didn´t like what she was wearing. Once again, she nailed it with a Rokh fall 2022 gown in black velvet. I didn’t know this designer, but now I´m going to start following Rokh for sure.


Another Gucci this time on Dakota Johnson. The color suits her skin tone like a glove. I love all the details of this dress, even the feathers on the bottom. I would love to see a picture of her with her arms open, to see the effect.

Zendaya once again. Like I said in the post about the red carpet looks, we are used to the irreverence of Zendaya. This suit suits her so well. Gives her curves. The appointment of pink, and the crystal were a feminist touch in a more masculine outfit that makes the perfect pair.

I was so happy to see Chrissy Teigen on the red carpet. She has been on a rollercoaster in her private life but finally looks like it´s back again, and with the right foot. Love the Georges Hobeika dress. The dress, the shoes, the clutch, the jewelry, and the make up were all on point.


Adwoa Aboah and Halsey, what do these two ladies have in common? They forgot the rest of the dress. If I can even call it a dress. Maybe they didn’t have time or are showing the new collection of beach covers until the summer of 2022. I don´t know, but I´m sure of one thing, they are at the wrong party.

Katie Holmes is not on my list because she looks bad. On the contrary, I love this Chloé dress. But she looks boring, and with a face that doesn´t want to be there. It´s something missing in this look, maybe a smile would help.



Dakota Johnson dressed in Gucci stuns incredibly. The shimmering gown with feathers looks fantastic on her. For me she’s the best dressed in the Vanity Oscars 2022 After Party. She looks part of a fairy tale with a very happy ending.

The ex-Miss Universe Olivia Culpo always knows how to make an entrance! I normally don’t like this type of shoulder balloon dress, but on her looks absolutely beautiful. This pastel gown from Carolina Herrera is made perfectly for her. She is the second best dressed in my opinion.

Rita Ora is an expert on how to look dazzling and this gown from designer Sohee Park in collaboration with Dolce & Gabbana is a proof of it. The embroidered dress and coat exude elegance and sophistication. The luxurious look is also elevated by the accessories and a classic red lipstick.


The orange bustier gown from Armani Prive on Emily Ratajkowski is beautiful, but I don’t think it delivers what Emily deserves. The different textures between the top and bottom don’t convince me or maybe it’s the cut of the dress, since her chest and shoulders are enhanced, and the legs get lost in a skirt that hides the toned sculpted figure of Emily.

Halsey has an amazing body and after having a baby, six months ago, I totally understand that she wants to show off her body, and anything she wears looks fancy on her, though this transparency trend takes away the high-class sophistication I expect from these events. Nonetheless, I have to admit with her curves I would be tempted to do the same, so I understand her.

Zendaya in this suit of Sportmax Fall 2022 looks like a strong and empowered woman. She can wear anything! Everything suits her.  However, after the stunning gown she was wearing at the Oscars, I wanted a continuation of that same style: romantic, simple and classic.


Tracee Ellis Ross seems ready for a dominatrix party or for a horror movie. Nothing about this dress is flattering. Her beautiful face loses the glow when looking at her squeezed body in this latex gown. Even saying latex gown sounds strange.

I know Janelle Monae is eccentric, but this cut-out dress is an eccentric bad taste. Can this even be called a dress, or should it be called a long top that got incomplete? She is so talented to be dressed in a tasteless outfit that doesn’t make justice to her at all.

When I saw Kendall Jenner dressed in this Balenciaga “torture” dress, I didn’t want to believe. I prefer thinking she was paid to dress like this. I’m still speechless! She always looks so glamourous and in an event like this, she comes all covered?! Maybe she is pregnant, that could be the reason. There must be a higher reason for an elegant person like Kendal Jenner be in a “funeral” gown. What do you think?

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  1. Omg Michele, the final article is amazing! We love it so much! We need another collaborations, it was such a fun to write these posts together!

    1. I love collaborating with you girls! It’s so easy and fun! Thank you!

  2. I really loved this post! I always do this “game” in my mind after a big red carpet event and pick my favorite and worst dress. I agree with all your picks. For me, the best dressed was Hailey Steinfeld and woest dressed Janelle Monae.

    1. It comes so automatically when we watch a red carpet, choosing who’s best and who’s worst. That’s why this post was so much fun. Janelle Monae could have chose something better for sure. Thank you for reading ❤️

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