Oscars 2022: The best and worst dressed stars on the red carpet – Collaboration Article with “Beautyworkers”

The most glamourous event of the year just happened, always filled with style and glitz: The Oscars! The red carpet of the Oscars always brings the best and worst of fashion. In collaboration with the bloggers from Beautyworkers, each one of us have chose the best, worst and “it’s ok” dressed from 2022 Oscars red carpet.

One of the blogs that I follow “religiously” is Beautyworkers. Beautyworkers is always up to date with the last trends in beauty and fashion. I love reading their articles, hence last year I was sure I wanted to write an article with Rita and Joana, the bloggers from Beautyworkers. Collaborating with them is enjoyable, amusing and gratifying. Have a look bellow at our collaboration posts of last year:


Now, this year’s collaboration with Beautyworkers is a funny and witty post. Rita and Joana always have fun writing each year the article about the best and worst dressed in the Oscars and of course I didn’t resist to ask them to be part of it. Gladly, they accepted my proposal! We all love fashion and the Oscars’ red carpet give us the opportunity to dazzle our eyes with gowns we only imagined in fairy tales, however, there’s also the ones that have a wardrobe malfunction and choose outfits that seem brought from a horror movie. Which gowns impressed us and which ones disappointed us? Well, head to the link bellow to find out our choices:

Oscars 2022: The best and worst dressed stars on the red carpet // Collaboration – Beautyworkers blog (wordpress.com)

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Beautyworkers blog – Whether you are looking for a product review or a beauty tip, this is your blog. We hope you enjoy!!! (wordpress.com)!

You will love their articles like I do, I’m sure!

Stay alert, because later this afternoon we will bring another post like this for the Vanity Oscars 2022 After Party.

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