Valentino Makeup Review

The exclusive Valentino makeup available in Selfridges, in London, is the couture makeup that your beauty bag needs to be filled with glamour and sophistication. After so many luxury brands deciding to invest in makeup, Valentino is one more joining the club. The luxury fashion brand decided to launch its makeup in September of 2020. The products look irresistible and of course I had to try it! Find out more about their foundation, liquid highlighter, eyebrow pencil and lipstick.

Valentino is the couture fashion house that screams elegance and savoir faire. The expectation is high when such remarkable brand launches its own makeup line. Valentino Beauty caused a big entrance in the market, when decided to be restricted to Selfridges, in London, creating the exclusiveness that high-class fashion brands have already got us used to.

Valentino makeup counter is flashy, trendy, fancy and ritzy. The posh makeup is combined with the fragrance of Voce Viva, which smells beautifully, attracting you instantly to try everything they have on the display.

Valentino makeup includes:

  • Foundation,
  • Powder,
  • Blush,
  • Face base illuminator,
  • Eye makeup,
  • Eyebrow pencil/pen,
  • Lipsticks.

Meaning you can have a full face of Valentino makeup.

I wanted to buy everything, but since it’s pricey, I had to limit myself to a few items. I selected the eyebrow pencil/pen Brow Trio and the Valentino Rosso lipstick and in only 2 items I spent £80. I was lucky the makeup specialist at the counter sampled me the Very Valentino foundation and the face base illuminator V-Lighter.

I wish I would have got the blush too, because they all look so stunning, check the video bellow.

Valentino blush collection

It’s time to review the two items I bought, plus the other two samples I was given.


Very Valentino foundation has 40 shades divided by 3 groups: cold, neutral and warm undertones. The 24h semi-matte foundation is impregnated with the lovely fragrance of Voce Viva, making the foundation application absolutely pleasant.

This foundation has to be applied a bit at a time, because it dries very quickly, but once it dries, it stays without moving at all. For my oily skin, it behaved perfectly. It controlled my oily t-zone and felt comfortable. Don’t over apply it to avoid a cakey consistency, caused by the fact that the formula has powder to hold into place undesirable oily spots on the face.

I found the texture of the foundation even better, when I mixed with the V-Lighter face illuminator. Both of them together slid on my skin, resulting in a smooth and silky finish. Even though my skin is already a shiny oily skin, the V-Light didn’t worsen my t-zone. It actually made it look hydrated and rejuvenated.

For example, comparing this foundation with the one from Lisa Eldridge, that I reviewed last month (click here to read article), I would prefer to buy the one from Valentino.

Very Valentino Foundation – £46


V-Lighter is a face base that can be used as primer, liquid highlighter or mixed with the foundation. It’s available in 2 shades, Rosa and Ambra. Rosa for cool and Ambra for the warm undertones. The formula enriched with hyaluronic acid plumps and hydrates the skin. The ultra fine texture provides a natural glowy skin.

V-Lighter feels exactly as its name: light! When applied on skin, it feels like applying a moisturiser that prepares your skin safely and softly. However the shade I took as a sample was Rosa, more adequate for cold undertones, it actually worked well with the foundation, because it was a shade darker than mine. This face base illuminator when combined together with the foundation, as I wrote previously, it does wonders on the skin.

V-Lighter – £46


Valentino Brow Trio is the only eyebrow pencil in the market that is a 3-in-1. In one single product, there’s an eyebrow brush, pencil and a pen. The waterproof eyebrow pencil/pen suits every eyebrow shape, being adaptable to thin or bushy eyebrows. The precise pen creates perfect single strokes and the pencil fills up eyebrows effortlessly. The Brow Trio is available in 3 shades: taupe, brown and granite.

Valentino Brow Trio in my opinion isn’t the best eyebrow pencil in the market, nonetheless the amazing feature 3-in-1. First, it’s pricey, £36 is more than I would normally pay for an eyebrow pencil. The pencil side is like any other eyebrow pencil, you would find in a drugstore. For example, the eyebrow pencil from Nyx is much better.

The pen side of the Brow Trio is what saves this product. The pen is thin and it really draws precise strokes that imitate fluffy brows. So between the pencil and the pen, I prefer the pen.

Valentino Brow Trio – £36


Rosso Valentino is a refillable lipstick available in 50 colours categorized by either luminous satin or soft matte finish.

Rosso Valentino Satin is very hydrating and pigmented. I chose the shade Roman Grace and I love the pink “barbie” shade. The fact that is refillable is a clever idea. The whole lipstick, case and lipstick, costs £40, the refill only £19.50.

When I was at Valentino‘s counter, I laid my eyes on the limited edition lipstick set and it looked so tempting. The box looked so stylish, but unfortunately it costs £140, so maybe next time.

Rosso Valentino – £40


The Very Valentino foundation mixed with V-Lighter looks flawless, right?



Valentino makeup it does feel like luxury high-end makeup. The foundation and the V-Lighter are my favourites from this mini shopping haul.

You can buy Valentino makeup online, you don’t have to go to London just to have access to this high quality makeup.

Have an amazing week,

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  1. This post brought lots of nice memories back from the days I lived in London. Selfridges was my favorite departament store. The packaging of Valentino makeup is stunning and the foundation looks absolutely flawless on your skin! The formula sounds similar to Estée Lauder Double Wear. I also love the refillable Lipstick, sustainable options are always welcome. Thank you so much for sharing!

    1. Thank you for reading 🙏❤

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