Lisa Eldridge Seamless Skin The Foundation

The expectations are high when talking about makeup artist Lisa Eldridge. Her valuable knowledge and extensive experience is undeniable in the makeup industry. From her YouTube chanel, she’s known from her dewy and fresh makeup. When rumours started that she was launching her own foundation, makeup lovers, like me, got excited. Coming from her, it had to be something special. When Lisa Eldridge Seamless Skin The Foundation was launched, I knew I had to try it. Did it fulfil my expectations?

As a makeup artist, I’ve always admired Lisa Eldridge’s work. Her makeup either on her or on celebrities, always looks flawless, in particularly skin, where she creates a beautifully healthy-looking complexion. With more than 20 years in the makeup field, she is someone to look up to. Her tutorials on Youtube show her passion, professionalism and persistence in finding the best makeup products and technics.

In 2018, Lisa Eldridge began selling her own makeup collection, which started with the true velvet lipsticks. I remember that it was a big success and within a few hours got sold out. So it’s no surprise when her own foundation Lisa Eldridge Seamless Skin The Foundation was launched last year, everyone in the makeup industry was thrilled to find out more about it.

Lisa Eldridge Seamless Skin The Foundation

Lisa Eldridge Seamless Skin The Foundation is a buildable foundation that can be either used as a light dewy or semi-matte medium coverage foundation. It has a blurring effect to reduce fine lines and cover evenly blemishes and imperfections. Since it’s a self setting foundation, it doesn’t need a setting powder to be applied after, contributing for a light feeling on skin.

Seamless Skin is cruelty free, vegan friendly and free from alcohol, parabens, talc, fragrance, essential oils, nylon 12, micro plastics, SPF, D6 and D5.


According to Lisa Eldridge‘s website, these are the active ingredients of Seamless Skin The Foundation:

  • Oxygenskin® – Sourced naturally from nasturtium flower, it boosts oxygen to increase hydration levels on skin.
  • Uji Tea Extract -This Japanese green tea leave acts as an antioxidant, protecting skin from free radicals to fight against inflammation and premature ageing.
  • Filmexel® – A biopolymer (a protein or polysaccharide formed in a biological system) that enhances skin texture, by promoting a tightening and smoothing effect.
  • Glycerin – Used to keep skin moisturised and soft.
  • Bamboo Stem Extract – Bamboo is known by its antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. It’s highly natural in silica, absorbing any excess of perspiration and sebum.


What is quite impressive in this foundation is the vast number of shades available: 40 shades! From the lightest to the darkest skin tone, Lisa Eldridge satisfied what most makeup artists crave: finding the correct shade without struggles and not losing time mixing different shades to achieve the right skin tone.

A very clever strategy that Lisa Eldridge used to promote this foundation, especially in times of pandemic, was providing a way to try it, before buying.

The sample cards include 4 shades within the same group of skin tone, being available in the following groups:

  • Light Set 1;
  • Light Set 2;
  • Light/Medium Set 1;
  • Light/Medium Set 2;
  • Medium Set 1;
  • Medium Set 2;
  • Medium/Deep Set 1;
  • Medium/Deep Set 2;
  • Deep Set 1;
  • Deep Set 2.

Each sample card only costs £2!

The sample card Medium Set 1 that I have ordered for myself.

The sample card Medium Set 1 that I bought was indeed the best for my skin tone. After swatching all colours on my skin, I conclude shade No 19 was the best for me.

Swatches of the 4 shades included in Lisa Eldridge Seamless Skin Foundation sample card of Medium Set 1

After applying Lisa Eldridge Seamless Skin The Foundation I could understand that can be built up to the coverage that it’s desired. It’s easy to blend and feels comfortable on skin. I have only applied one layer on my skin, as I like a more natural effect nowadays, even if I tend to have an oily t-zone and big pores. The result is a skin-like effect where my skin was still able to breathe. Nonetheless, there is so many pros about this foundation, it didn’t convinced me enough to persuade me buying a whole bottle of Seamless Skin Foundation. I would have liked to feel a more smoothing effect on my skin. It still didn’t beat my favourite foundation: Lancôme Ultra Wear and funny enough Lisa Eldridge is the Global Creative Director of Lancôme. For extreme oily skins, I doubt that this would be a good foundation, as after a while using this foundation, my pores looked more visible. However, it didn’t cause me any breakout. You can see how the foundation looks on my skin bellow.

Lisa Eldridge Seamless Skin The Foundation on shade No 19 applied on my face

My final verdict about this foundation on a scale from 1 to 10, is a 6. Why? It could perform better, considering the experience of Lisa Eldridge. The fact that she wanted to satisfy either dewy and matte finish lovers, resulted in a good foundation for catwalks, but not good enough for a daily use. To achieve a more glowing effect, a liquid highlighter (like Lisa Eldridge Elevated Glow Highlighter) can be added to the foundation or for a more matte effect, a good setting powder should be applied afterwards. I would say, if you run out of foundation and you just need one for special occasions, then Seamless Skin is worth it. In my opinion what is really a winner in this foundation is the vast option of shades. That is undeniably impressive.

Regarding the price, Seamless Skin costs £44 for a 30ml bottle.

If you are a “foundation” person, stay alert on Saturday for another article where I compare 3 light coverage foundations.

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  1. I’ll keep an eye on this foundstion because I think it would work well for my very dry skin and dull complexión. I love the ingredients and the fact that is moisturising, breathable and provides a natural coverage. Thank you so much for sharing!

    1. Yes for your skin type, it would be a good choice 😉

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