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A new online trendy vintage brand has been born. The combination of classic and modern styles inspires an eruption of colourful and cool clothing. Rinsta fashion concept takes you into a journey where fashion is dictated by you, only you and no one else. The mixture of 90’s and millennial influence is designed for the rebel woman that embraces the quirky side of her personality. Let’s dive into the edgy world of Rinsta clothing and if you feel tempted, a discount code will be waiting for you by the end of the article.

I am so happy, Rinsta fashion brand has contacted me to collaborate with them and spread the word that a new online “bad ass” brand is in the market. Their online collection could be defined through a baddie, yet cool, type of attitude. Their aesthetic concept mixes a futurist and retro vintage styles visible on their shiny materials, colourful knits and flared trousers. Their creations come from the Y2K aesthetics pop generation that transitioned from the 90’s to 2000. The outcome is a pop encapsulated fashion that opens a gate to an eccentric alternative clothing.

I was privileged to choose the items I liked the most and when I received the parcel, I was so excited, because I love every piece. With no more delays, let me show you what I got!

By the way, my measurements are:
Chest 88 cm/34,6 inches
Waist 70 cm/27.6 inches
Hips 93 cm/36.6 inches
My height is 1,67 meters/5.5 feet
My weight is 56 kg/8.8 stones


The complete look I wore with the Rinsta houndstooth print button casual bodysuit in size S

The viscose and nylon material of this bodysuit it actually feels warm and comfortable. This is the perfect winter piece for a glam and yet cosy outfit. It can be combined in so many ways that I considered this item an essential that it can be used in different occasions. I ordered the size S.

Rinsta houndstooth print button casual bodysuit £25.53


The complete look I wore with the Rinsta solid patchwork one sleeve spaghetti strap off shoulder t-shirt in size XS

This top is “so me”! Colourful, youthful and peculiar by the uneven cut, it’s a top suitable for spring and it can be worn everyday with jeans or classic trousers. My size in this top is XS.

Rinsta solid patchwork one sleeve spaghetti strap off shoulder


The complete look I wore with the Rinsta solid two-piece hollow-out o-neck t-shirt in size XS

If you follow me on Instagram, you might have noticed, I tend to wear a lot of pink clothes, so it’s no surprise I chose this item. Exactly like the previous top, it can be worn in spring and if you like a pop of colour like I do, then this top will indulge your wardrobe. Let me highlight the one piece sleeve that can be taken off and transform this top into a summer strap top. My size in this top is again a XS.

Rinsta solid two-piece hollow-out o-neck t-shirt


Rinsta cartoon cloud knit two-piece in size S

This knit set is my favourite from this haul. You can definitely identify the Y2K aesthetics in this outfit. A vintage two-piece set that takes you back to the era between the 70’s and 90’s. I was surprised by the quality of this set. The fabric is good, it looks good and feels good! I love sets like this for winter, because instantly they make you look stylish and cheer up the usual drowsy winter spirit that certain clothes might portray. I was sent a size S.

Rinsta cartoon cloud knit two-piece



  • RIN15 for 15% off
  • RIN20 for 20% off for orders over $65


Overall Rinsta clothes have good quality, they are true to size, the price is really good (at least according to the items I ordered) and they shipped the items quickly. Would I buy their clothing? Yes, I certainly would and will!

If you like their style enjoy the discount code.

Wishing you a colourful weekend 🙂

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  1. The cartoon cloud two piece is my favourite. Can’t wait to shop for some summer clothing once the weather warms up here.

    1. How’s summer there? Until when does it snow?

  2. Love the choices! My favorite is the cloud two pieces! RINSTA pieces are really true to the size, we were a little apprehensive about the size but they are on point! I already comment it on Instagram but I love your heart pink pants ahahah

    1. The cloud set is my favourite too. Thank you for reading ❤

  3. I love the playful and colorful aesthetic of this brand. Prints are really fun! The knit matching set is also my favorite. I didnt´’t know this brand, thank you for sharing! I´’ll have a look at their collection.

    1. Thank you for your feedback ❤

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