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For my first article of 2022 I have the big honour to present a collection of handmade earrings from someone that I dearly know and truly inspires me by her strength and resilience. Her brand Feitios, is a result of dedication, passion and personal transformation. Feitios is a handmade earrings brand designed to empower women, because the founder Cat wants to be the voice of change for women that live everyday with real problems that no one cares about. With this strong motivation behind Feitios, I knew I had to spread the word and show off her beautiful earrings made of polymer clay.

It’s the first time I bring jewellery to my blog, more specifically earrings. I am very picky with jewellery and even though I have every week proposals for promoting jewellery, they are never the type I want to write about in my blog. They lack quality and personality. Luckily, that changed when I saw the brand Feitios, from my dear friend Cat. Cat is Portuguese like me, but lives in Sheffield, UK. Every time she gets involved in a creative project, she gives her soul completely. I knew I wanted to support her and show the beautiful collection she has designed.

Her earrings are proudly handmade with care, love and hard work. As a businesswoman and mother of one toddler, she wanted to create something meaningful that could represent the modern spirit of a strong woman.

Feitios earrings are the special and personalised jewellery, that once you know Cat’s story, you will wear them proudly. Bellow you can read one of her Instagram posts that relates her personal journey that led her to follow this dream of designing and produce earrings manually.


How beautiful these earrings are, right? They are all handmade and the main material is polymer clay. If you go to Feitios Instagram page, you can understand how much dedication goes into each piece (check Instagram post bellow).

When I saw Feitios earrings for the first time, I knew they had to be mine. I contacted Cat to know what I had to do to own a pair of Feitios earrings and she kindly send me two pairs of earrings.

The earrings Cat sent me (images above) represent femininity and woman power. They are a statement of what she believes: the strength of a woman’s body and mind should be evoked and celebrated everyday. Every time I use her earrings I feel powerful and everyone asks me where did I get them from. I never had earrings like this! Their design is so unique.

A very quick video I did of me wearing Feitios earrings


Since Cat it’s on an early stage of her business, the quickest and easiest way to buy her precious earrings, is to contact her through Feitios Instagram or Facebook page. Feitios Instagram page is already above. Her Facebook page is right bellow:

You can check the different designs either on Instagram or Facebook and order them in whatever colour you would like the most.

The price of each pair of earrings is around £10. At the moment she only ships to Portugal and UK.

Cat is always available to satisfy her customers. So if you like Feitios, text her and personalise your earrings. You will see how friendly and kind she is.


Feitios Handmade by Cat is inspired and designed for the modern and multitasking woman that likes to look stylish. I am really proud to carry my Feitios earrings.

If you are on Instagram, get connected to my Tuesday Insta Live and you will have the opportunity to get to know Cat better. She will be my special guest next Tuesday, at 8.30pm (UK time).

If you like fashion, stay alert on Friday, because I will be publishing an article full of cool and colourful clothes for winter.

Thank you for reading and subscribing my blog 🙂

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  1. I just LOVE these earrings. All of them. Don’t know how I’ll choose. But that’s a good problem to have 🙂

    1. True, I want them all too! When I go London, I’ll order a few 😁

  2. These earrings are amazing! The polymer clay technique is not easy and Cat does such beautiful and unique designs, she really is a very talented girl! Plus I love the empowering message behind these pieces.

    1. She’s very talented indeed!

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