REM Beauty was launched recently by the famous and beautiful Ariana Grande. The makeup collection focussed on eyes, lips and cheeks, left us curious to know more about it. I didn’t resist and thinking of a New Year’s Eve look, I got some liquid eyeshadows, a lipstick, mascara and the most wanted eyeliner marker to achieve a perfect cat eyeliner like Ariana Grande. Come unveil with me everything about Ari‘s makeup.

The iconic makeup signature of Ariana Grande: a sophisticated cut crease matched with an exquisite winged liner, complemented by sculpted highlighted cheeks and plumped lips, inspired a new makeup brand. REM Beauty by Ariana Grande, is one more celebrity makeup brand being launched, after Fenty and Rare Beauty, for example.

When the launch of REM Beauty was announced in September, I was so curious, because I love the sweetness of Ariana Grande and her makeup always look flawless.

Especially when towards the end of October, the affordable prices of the collection were announced, I got even more tempted to buy a few “bits”. On the day of the big launch, 12th November, these are the items I purchased on the REM Beauty website:

  • Lustrous Liquid Eyeshadow Hot Lava;
  • Lustrous Liquid Eyeshadow Milky Way;
  • Lengthening Mascara Midnight Black;
  • Eyeliner Marker Midnight Black;
  • Matte Lipstick Bubbly;
  • Lip Stain Marker Full Out.

Unfortunately, the Lip Stain Marker Full Out wasn’t sent together with the rest of the order. I think there were some manufacturing problems. They refunded me and strangely last week, I received an email saying that they are going to send it for free. I didn’t understand, but if I receive it I will update this post.

Overall, the whole order I spent in GBP sterling currency, £75. The shipping was for free. If I consider the refund, the total order was £63. Amazing total price, right! The order from US to UK, it took a month to arrive, but it should be mentioned that the order was delayed, because of the manufacturing issue with the Lip Stain Marker. On the email, when the order was placed, it said, “once all items will be available, your order will be sent, by the latest on the 3rd of December”. So if I consider that they shipped on the 3rd of December, then it took two weeks to arrive.

Well without further ado, the moment has arrived and it’s time to review each “bit” I got from REM Beauty.

Swatches of the products I bought from REM Beauty: Eyeliner Marker, Liquid Eyeshadow Hot Lava and Milky Way and Matte Lipstick Bubbly


REM Beauty Lustrous Liquid Eyeshadow Hot Lava

This metallic bronzy liquid eyeshadow is so gorgeous! It slides easily, it blends effortlessly, the applicator is easy to work with, it shines like a “shooting star” and it transforms my eyelids into a “goddess”.

The texture and pigment are incredible! For an affordable celebrity makeup collection, I am so amazed! Hot Lava stays beautifully and it lasts forever. It only comes off with an eye makeup remover. This shade can be used daytime or night-time. For daytime just one layer is enough and night-time I would apply three layers. You can see the whole makeup look I did with REM Beauty further down.

In one of my articles about liquid eyeshadows (click here), my tip is to blend the first layer of liquid eyeshadow evenly with a brush or finger, and slowly add more pigment until you are satisfied with the result.

Lustrous Liquid Eyeshadow is available in 11 shades. If you don’t like metallic eyeshadows you can opt for the matte liquid eyeshadows, available in 10 shades, for a more casual, natural and everyday makeup.


REM Beauty Lustrous Liquid Eyeshadow Milky Way

Another beautiful Lustrous Liquid Eyeshadow shade is Milky Way. This midnight blue eyeshadow is so pigmented, that one layer looks already intense. I love this shade ! For a stunning smokey eye, this is the right shade and consistency too. It can be applied as an eyeliner too. I dare to say, this is the best midnight blue in a liquid eyeshadow that I ever tried.


REM Beauty Lengthening Mascara Midnight Black
REM Beauty Lengthening Mascara Midnight Black

REM Beauty Lengthening Mascara is surprisingly good! One coat and your lashes are longer, separated and without being clumpy. The mascara brush is perfect to work even on the smallest lashes.

On the picture by the end of this article, where I show the makeup I did with all the REM Beauty products, you can’t tell if my lashes look lengthened or not, but I assure you this mascara does work. My lashes with aging, have became weaker and thinner, and this mascara in just one go, it made them look thicker.


REM Beauty Eyeliner Marker Midnight Black

This was the product that everyone was waiting for! Ariana Grande‘s flawless winged eyeliner left us with a big expectation and she delivered it!

REM Beauty Eyeliner Marker has a thin pen tip that can draw a precise line, it’s long lasting and smudge proof. It is at the same level of Kat Von D Tattoo Liner. The ink of the pen comes out consistently and evenly.

Regardless being a really good eyeliner pen, I still prefer a liquid eyeliner for everyday as I mentioned on yesterday’s article (see here).


REM Beauty Matte Lipstick Bubbly

REM Beauty Matte Lipstick Bubbly it could be better. This is the only product that disappointed me. On the website, Bubbly is described as a nude pink and from the pictures I saw I really liked the color. If you see the swatch of this lipstick on the first picture, at the beginning of the article, you can see Bubbly is more like a light nude pink which is suitable for light skin tone. On my medium skin tone is not the type of lipstick that I would wear everyday. For a night out makeup, yes, as the makeup I did for this review (see below), but with natural makeup my lips will look “dead” with this shade. I really wanted an everyday nude lipstick. Maybe they have classified it as a nude pink, because Ariana Grande has light skin tone and on her surely it looks like a nude lipstick. I wish now I had ordered another nude shade, like for example Tiramisu which is said to be like a nude mauve.

About the texture, it’s not a matte lipstick at all. It’s a semi-matte that tends to be more creamy. Even though it isn’t matte as I was expecting, it still has a nice texture, it feels hydrating and smells nicely. I wouldn’t say this lipstick lasts the whole day, moreover, if you have to wear a face mask.

REM Beauty Matte Lipstick is available in 6 shades.


Me wearing REM Beauty makeup. Because it’s New Year’s Eve, I decided to create a party look.
The eyeliner marker was used on the inner corner of the eye.


I didn’t bring up so far the packaging, which is inspired by an interstellar and spaceship theme, creating a fun and modern makeup collection. But besides the modern design of the products, what’s more important is if the products are good or not and generally they are. Only the lipstick wasn’t.

If I lived in US, I would definitely buy more from REM Beauty. I end up not getting any highlighter, since I have so many and I know I would just waste money if I got another. The eyeshadow palettes I wouldn’t buy, because it’s the same, I have enough, though, I couldn’t resist the liquid eyeshadows. They are always practical and perfect to carry on holidays, especially the shades I bought: Hot Lava for daytime and Milky Way for night-time.

Blogger verdict: Ariana Grande‘s makeup collection REM Beauty is approved 🙂


As I said, if REM Beauty would send me the Lip Stain Marker Full Out, I would write a review about it. I was so surprised I received it, because they refunded me what I have paid. One month after they sent it for free. Thank you Ariana Grande 🙂

REM Beauty Lip Stain Marker Full Out

I like the lipstick pen shape packaging, it’s practical to carry and to use. The tip (picture bellow) is exactly like a felt-tip pen. It gives a funny sensation that you are back in the nursery school and accidentally have painted your lips instead of the paper.

REM Beauty Lip Stain Marker Full Out

REM Beauty Lip Stain Marker Full Out works well as lip stain, but is far from being my favourite lip stain or lipstick. First because it’s a pen, you have to be looking in the mirror to apply it, if not, you can end up with a badly painted “toddler” lipstick on your lips. The colour that comes from the lip stain isn’t consistent, meaning some parts of your lips will have more colour than others. It has to be reapplied so many times until it really stays visible. It’s a lip stain that will force you to use a lipstick after, because the colour isn’t enough to look good on its own.

REM Beauty Lip Stain Marker Full Out

As a lip stain I would be expecting to be matte and stay on for several hours, even after eating, but no! The colour vanishes very quickly.

How REM Beauty Lip Stain Marker Full Out looks like on my lips

I would say the only way to use this lip stain is to use it as a base of a lipstick to make it more intense and long-lasting. On its own, REM Beauty Lip Stain Marker Full Out it isn’t long lasting at all. Still I have to be grateful, I got it for free!

The lip stain together with the REM Beauty Matte Lipstick Bubbly are definitely the products I liked the least, which means REM Beauty is not a great brand for lip products. I hope in the future they will improve the lipstick formulas.

What do you think of REM Beauty Lip Stain Marker Full Out ? Would you buy it?

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year. May 2022 bring you abundance, love and health.

Thank you for having contributed for my dream of blogging become a reality in 2021.

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  1. I was really curious about the eyeliner! I’m atheist biggest fan of eyeliners and I’m always looking for one that magically provides the perfect line! I still couldn’t find it :/ honestly I was expecting the blackest eyeliner but in the photos it doesn’t look like it, am I wrong? The blue eyeshadow is gorgeous and look perfect on your eyes. I also love the final look, and what you did with the blue eyeshadow as eyeliner! you look gorgeous (as always)! The lipstick looks a little ‘dead’ on your skin tone, but I kinda like it in the final look!

    1. The eyeliner is good, but is not as black as you want, I think. You would need 2 layers of eyeliner to get it that dark.
      Have you tried Chanel eyeliner pen? It’s really dark.

      1. No, I haven’t tried it. I tried so many eyeliners but I still couldn’t find the perfect one! I will check the Chanel eyeliner pen, thank you!

      2. If you will, let me know if you liked it 😊

  2. I wasn’t aware Ariana Grande had launched a beauty brand. I really love the makeup look you craeted with the REM Beauty products. I particularly like the Hot Lava Lustrous Liquid Eyeshadow.

    1. I’m glad you liked the makeup, thank you. I like Hot Lava too 😊

  3. A great look for NY eve. I have never tried liquid eyeshadow. Will need to try it out.

    1. I have to try it, they’re so quick and easy to work with. And there’s matte liquid eyeshadows too, not only shimmery.

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